Vintage Romance: By the Lake (Photo)

Tømmerflådning ved Hampen Sø i Midtjylland

Ah, young love. I wonder who they were and if their romance continued beyond this picnic by the lake.

Sven Türck was a Danish photographer who posed people for happy photos during the Depression. Hopefully this makes you happy today.


  1. Such a beautiful photo! I often look at these photos and try to imagine the scene as they saw it…I guess that's part of the mystery and timelessness of black and white photography though :)

  2. Well, it looks like they're crazy in love. Or, maybe like she's thinking, "Actually, I was hoping for a man with hair on his chest."

  3. Oh god I love everything about this picture!

    Ok, except his outfit. Wtf is up with that outfit?!


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