Presenting...Project Gutenberg Project

Ta-da! This is the not-really-a-secret project I'm a part of: Project Gutenberg Project.

The Project Gutenberg Project blog is your Go-To venue for reviews of books in the Public Domain, like the ones you'll find on Project Gutenberg. Myself, Iris, Alex, Meghan, Aarti, Ana, Lu, and fearless leader Tasha are regular contributors.

From the About page:

Project Gutenberg Project was started with the goal of making public domain titles from sites such as Project Gutenberg and Librivox more accessible. Although a great resource, Project Gutenberg doesn't currently categorize books by topic or genre, so it's difficult to find obscure gems. Solution: research, discussion, and reviews!
 I hope you'll all check it out and add the feed to your reader! 


  1. That's awesome. I use both Project Gutenberg and Librivox. I'm looking forward to all of your finds!

  2. That's awesome. I am glad the project is moving forward. :)

  3. Hmm. Must have been sleeping when this all came together. I indicated I was interested at some point. Oh well.


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