I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella (audiobook): Review

In a bad mood? Pick up I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella. You'll be smiling soon.

When we first meet Poppy Wyatt she's desperately searching for her engagement ring. She lost the antique emerald, her fiance's family heirloom, during a luncheon in a fancy hotel with her pals. In any situation this isn't good news, but it's worse for Poppy since she thinks her future in-laws hate her. She and fiance Magnus are having dinner with them and they'll want to see the ring! Somehow she has to find that ring and fast. 

Matters get more complicated when her phone is stolen by a guy on a bike. How is anyone supposed to call her to say they found her ring without a phone? It seems that her prayers have been answered (one prayer anyway) when she spies an abandoned phone just sitting in a garbage can. Who would throw away a perfectly good phone? Poppy takes it for her own and right away the strange phone calls start, including one from Sam Roxton. His PA quit and dumped this phone and now he wants it back. Poppy refuses and commandeers the phone until she gets the ring back. 

Reluctantly Sam agrees to share the phone with her but he doesn't know what he's in for. Poppy can't help reading his emails and gets involved in his life, personal and professional. She makes it her mission to right the wrongs in Sam's life despite the fact that she doesn't know the guy. You can imagine the problems this creates.

I love Sophie Kinsella's characters. I think the reason for this is because they are exaggerations of parts of ourselves. Poppy Wyatt is no exception. I felt for her right away. Who hasn't lost something important, even for a moment, that is sure to cause a catastrophe in our lives? And Poppy's reliance on her phone and the ways in which she uses it are familiar to anyone who relies on technology.

Some people get cranky about Kinsella's books, calling them anti-feminist, but I can't understand this. The heroines are smart and funny; their problems could be the problems of any modern woman.* People do go into debt because they can't stop shopping, people rely too much on technology, and a lot of us have trouble with confrontation. In these novels, the guys aren't perfect any more than the ladies are, and most of the focus is on the woman coming to a realization about herself because of the situation she finds herself in. Why shouldn't the girl get her man along the way? Doesn't James Bond get the girl after saving the world? People need to relax; it's fiction. Plus it's darn funny. The things Poppy says or does had me laughing out loud. Her interactions with Magnus's odd family were a riot. 

Obviously I loved Poppy. Magnus is a tad one dimensional but there usually is that one guy in Kinsella's books who is. Sam is fairly easy going considering Poppy keeps inadvertently wrecking his life. The rest of the cast has a variety of quirks that add to the comedy. The only thing that I wasn't a fan of was the stuff with Poppy's parents which seemed a bit out of place in the story.

So, yes, I loved I've Got Your Number and I hope you will too.

*Well, maybe no one has been haunted by their grandmother's ghost (Twenties Girl) but who knows?

About the Audio: The narrator is Jayne Entwistle. At first when I heard her I thought, "Oh no! It's Flavia De Luce!" She did the narration for A Red Herring Without Mustard. I was worried I'd keep thinking of her as Flavia but it didn't take long for me to get over that. Jayne is the perfect voice for a comic character like Poppy. Her emphasis is spot on, especially when she reads Willa's emails. She did an excellent job and added so much to my listening experience.





  1. I've got to get hold of this! No one can write chick lit like Kinsella can.

  2. I just finished this yesterday and I completely agree - I LOVED it!

  3. I love Sophie Kinsella. Will have to add this one to Ye Olde Wish List.


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