Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Off With a Bang

Whew! It's a new year and already lots of stuff happening out there.

Did you hear Raych from books i done read had a baby girl? What a way to start a new year! - Congratulations on being only 19 babies away from your own reality show

There's not so great stuff too. Raych will have plenty of fodder for her BBAW year in review. This week seems to have unleashed some sort of crazy-virus. Goodreads drama, author drama, reviewer on reviewer drama. It's weird. My theory is that everyone overloaded on carbs over the holidays and the sudden swing into healthy eating has everyone's chemistry out of whack. It's just a theory, mind you.

Really, I've only ever had good experiences with authors, dare I say pleasant, which is why when someone has a bad experience it's so jarring. If you care to know more, visit Katiebabs for the run down of some of them (there were more actually). I end up cringing when I reading some of the antics. I'm ashamed and embarrassed for them, even if they are not, because I know it can't end well. I don't understand vicious replies with personal attacks to negative reviews. There is no defending such behaviour. If you got to do it, don't publish it for the world to see. It ends up biting you in the bum.

Two posts were written during this brouhaha by author/reviewers that I think give good advice for both reviewers and authors. First, My Goodreads Pledge by Phoebe North created a list for both reviewers and authors to follow when using Goodreads. I love Goodreads. It's a happy place for me. I must live in a sheltered Goodreads world because I never see any of the drama that happens there. Still, Phoebe gives a good standard for behaviour when on Goodreads. It comes down to using common sense and being polite. Then there was A Really Long Post on the Author/Reviewer Relationship by YA Highway in which Veronica Roth tries to work out the tangled relationship of reviewers and authors. I especially like what she says about books being products and reviewers being customers. I agree that customer has a right to their opinion on a product, unless you expect a toaster to act like a microwave (just buy a microwave!) but that's a story for another time. 


So, did you notice I changed my template? I was getting bored with the old one and Blogger has such nice customizable ones now. It's not like a couple of years ago when they had hardly anything. I was inspired to do it by Coffee and a Book Chick. Her new template is so slick! I had the old one for awhile so when I saw hers I knew it was the right time for a change. I still have a pink and green thing going because of my header and, well, I like pink and green. Maybe when I get tired of my header I'll change my colours.

In book acquiring news, I picked up The Map of Time at Ye Olde Used Bookstore. I downloaded a few free books from deceased authors from Girlebooks for my new Kobo Touch. These include: The Shuttle by Frances Burnett Hodgson, Consequences by E.M. Delafield, Legends of Vancouver by Theryn Fleming, The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Arnim, and The Enchanted Castle by E. Nesbitt. I'm looking for a good translation of The Dream by Emile Zola thanks to Amanda's great review.

I finished the first book of the year. Yay! It's Good Evening, Mrs Craven: The Wartime Stories of Mollie Panter-Downes and it's so good. I also started The Tragedy of Arthur and I don't know what to make of it yet. 


The Fitness Challenge is going well despite the fact my yoga class was cancelled this week. I made myself go on the Wii that day instead. I reached my goal for the week- 2 hours of exercise.

I'm also using an app to track my eating. I was rather smug going in thinking I eat what I'm supposed to. I was in for a surprise. It's those 'little' snacks that get you. I'm not trying to lose a lot of weight but I would like to rid myself of the muffin top (if it's possible).

Tracking what I eat has been an eye opener. I've found that I eat more sugar than I should and not near enough vitamins and minerals. The first few days were terrible and I ended up going to bed so hungry. After that, I started making better choices and spread out my snacks. It's made a huge difference. I'm much more aware of what I'm eating. However, I hope I don't give in to temptation before I reach my goal.


I watched Midnight In Paris this weekend and I enjoyed all the literary references, especially after reading A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway. The way he's portrayed in the movie is exactly how I imagine him. Paris was so beautiful in the movie. It makes me want to go there. 

Over Christmas vacation I caught the American Horror Story marathon and I'm hooked! What a dark show though. What is with that house? Does it make people crazy or are they already that way when they move in? Constance is a whack-a-doodle. And Tate is scary as hell. I have 2 episodes left to watch and I'll be all caught up.

So how was your first week of the new year?


  1. I guess I am missing all the drama lately because I didn't even know there was any going on. Interesting start to the year. I hope it doesn't set the tone!

    I enjoy your new template! I am getting a new one myself soonish. I am overhauling everything, though, so it will be a bit down the road.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Congrats on getting your exercise in despite the obstacles! :)

  3. I must seriously be in a little glass bubble when it comes to blogger on blogger on author bs. I never know what's going on and I'm pretty okay with that. You'd think that the Golden Rule would apply everywhere.

  4. Kelly- Me too. Thanks and I can't wait to see your new look!

    Amanda- Thanks. And thanks for hosting the challenge again.

    Christina- As soon as I got back on Twitter, it started. I do enjoy the more productive conversations of the changing relationship of the reviewer and author. Someday we'll have it all worked out. Sometimes, online, people forget the Golden Rule.

  5. I spent most of the week away from the computer and missed all of this. Oh Internet. You never change.

    I like your new template a lot! I'm getting bored of mine as well, but then again I'm so used to it it kind of feels like home.

  6. Somehow I missed all the drama, but that's fine by me - I would have ignored it anyway. Wasn't Midnight in Paris great?

  7. I'm like you in that I never encounter drama on Goodreads. I caught a tiny bit of this weeks' craziness because I saw someone tweet about it, but I missed most of it.

    I've only once had an author react negatively to one of my posts, and it was just a couple of weeks ago, so perhaps your carb theory applied. It was mind-boggling, though, because the post she reacted to wasn't all that negative. Every other author who has responded to one of my posts has been lovely, even when the review wasn't altogether positive.

  8. Wow. I've really missed out on all the book blogger drama. I feel so sheltered...even on you. I don't see any of that either.

    As for your new design, I like it, it's much easier to read. I did a little redesign to the sidebar on my blog, especially with social networking buttons. It's been a long time coming and I think, like yours, it looks better.

  9. I love the new look!
    I'm aware of some of the author comment drama but heard nothing about Goodreads. I haven't had any authors comment on any negative reviews on my blog but it wouldn't stop me from writing them. Some books are kinda sucky and it needs to be said.

  10. My gosh, there is book blogger drama EVERYWHERE, I feel! I never really post reviews on GoodReads- I just do star rankings there and then only review on my blog. I think I'll stick with that going forward!

  11. I did notice your blog design change and was going to comment but didn't know when you did it. I do like it!

    I am SO glad I missed the blogger/author drama this time around. There are definite benefits to not being online all of the time.

  12. Great new look! The blogger/author drama is so strange. Do you think it's because of the "Everybody Gets a Trophy" mentality society has been creating? I really wonder about it. We used to be able to argue both sides of a book or idea, without it being personal. Now there seems to be more of a "you're either for me or against me" attitude that's kind of scary. Fabulous fuel for thought in this post, Chris!

  13. Nymeth- I can't remember yours any other way, I'd be shocked!

    Kathy- Yes, it was!

    Teresa- I like to think that the majority will be classy about negative reviews.

    Unfinished- I hope my Goodreads experience stays that way.

    bookmagic- Honesty first!

    Aarti- I don't either but it's mostly because I'm too lazy to post 2 places. ;)

    Michelle- Thanks!

    Col- That's an interesting theory. I guess some can't handle criticism of any kind.

  14. I actually read some of the review/author drama stuff when I caught it on Twitter the other day. Authors who do this kind of thing (and I think they're few and far between) really need a wake up call.

    Love the template. Love!

  15. It was embarrassing just reading all the Goodreads antics. I completely missed it when it happened, so I just read some recaps. Criticism is hard to take, so it must be hard for authors. Guess it comes with the job, though.

  16. It is getting to a point where there seems to be author vs blogger drama on any day ending with a Y.

    Like the new template! And loved Midnight in Paris. Hemingway was my favourite - so intense!


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