Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Twitter Break

I'm having a Twitter crisis. I was such a Twitter flag waver once. I loved Twitter. I loved to talk about books with my bookish friends but lately it's lost its lustre for me. Many of the people I talk to on to are no longer using Twitter as often as they did or just not at the time I'm using it. That's not the biggest reason I want to take a break though.

Lately, when I log into Twitter, I get aggravated by something I see on there. I can't even tell you a specific example. It's just making me cranky. I'm not sure if it's the Twitter atmosphere that's changed or if it's me. Maybe my tolerance for that type of thing has lowered. It feels like there is more self-promotion, more shit stirring, less discussion. People seem a lot angrier now than they were. I need a break.

I've been contemplating it for about a week now. I even made an attempt to avoid Twitter for a few hours the last time I was annoyed with it but it's become such a part of my blogging routine, I logged on without even thinking about it! I could purge my following list or go private but I'm not sure that would solve anything.

It's timely that Jill from Fizzy Thoughts mentioned dissatisfaction with book blogging yesterday and has quit Twitter altogether. I don't think I'm quite ready for that... yet. I do find a lot of interesting stories on Twitter and I like to say Hello to people too. It might be the only place I get to talk to my pals but there is so much other stuff going on in the background. I don't want to miss out on the fun parts of Twitter. Is there another venue for bookish conversations? Unplugging for awhile might see me returning to Twitter refreshed and with a better attitude... or I might find I'm fine without it.

Has anyone else quit Twitter?

Let's move onto to happier topics.

After updating my Goodreads page, I only need to read 3 more books by December 31 and I'll make my Goodreads goal of 100 books! Yay! I think I can do it.

This week I finished Pudd'nhead Wilson by Mark Twain and The Queens of All the Earth by Hannah Sternberg. I'll have reviews up of those soon. I picked up The Town that Drowned by Reil Nason from the Library because of Mel's review. Last night, I finished  The Giver by Lois Lowry and started the audio version of Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James.

I straightened up my bookshelves this week too. It's ridiculous. I need to read faster! There is a boxful of ARCs in a closet that need disposal. I'm going to start accepting ebook ARCs only (with a few exceptions) because I just don't have the room for the paper copies.

Finally, I have to agree with Jill that book blogging has lost some of its "sense of fun" so let's take a page from Cyndi's book and just have some. This video brings back memories. So, Jill if you're reading this, this one's for you.


  1. I understand how you feel, but you'll be missed. I mostly use Twitter to talk to a small group of people and ignore all the drama, but it's been getting lonely in there lately, perhaps because so many people I like have left or are taking breaks. I do hope you come back one day!

  2. I don't think I could quit twitter, because of a small group of people who I absolutely love meeting on there. It might help me to balance life better though, not being on twitter, or keeping perspective and nore getting annoyed that eaily.
    I agree that book blogging has lost a sense of fun, but I haven't dared putting it into words myself. Then again, I never was around in the golden days, so I wonder if I am even allowed to complain. I do wish I coul've been there though :)

  3. I've pretty much quit Twitter, but for a different reason: it doesn't play nice with my phone. I'll go on it when I'm in the car (as a passenger!) on one of our long trips back home or while in a long line, but otherwise, it's not my main form of communication. I'm much more of a Facebook girl.

    Have to confess, I don't miss the Twitter. Facebook, however, would be a different story ....

  4. I've started just unfollowing anyone and everyone who annoys me. Mostly it's just people I've never spoken to or who have never spoken to me. It's a long process, because for a while I followed everyone back. But it's even some well-known bloggers and people that I thought I wanted to keep up with. Honestly, I don't miss them one bit. I'm starting to get Twitter down to just a few people that I care to follow and then I can use it again for conversations and interacting with the people I care about. Because I would miss all the people that I love to chat with.

  5. I ignore all the drama and unfollow people who like to stir things like that up.

  6. Nymeth- It's hard to stay away because there are people I want to talk to. I'm going to see if I can go until January. Maybe a new year will bring a new perspective.

    Iris- The question is was it more fun then or is it me? I'm not sure. You've been around long enough that I'm sure you'd notice changes.

    Melissa- I'm not at all a Facebook person. I only check it about once a day just to see what's going on.

    Lu- If I had the energy right now, I'd do that. Maybe when I come back to it I'll tackle that task.

    Kathy- I try to do that too but lately I can't seem to. I think it might be the season affecting me too. The shorter days are draining my energy.

  7. Yes to everything you've said about Twitter! It's just not the same at all as it used to be. It's not just the self-promotion but the anger, you're absolutely right. And....I feel like less people are on there to engage.

    I still find a lot of interesting news and stuff out through Twitter, but I often feel the fun days of connecting are over. Yet, at the same time I still hope that people I know will be on Twitter. LOL

  8. I just started the Twitter thing a few months ago. While I don't use it much, I understand about the drama though. There are things I don't need or want to know. Take a break from it and see how you feel after that. What can it hurt?

  9. I was in a similar state of aggravation about Twitter a while back. It was mostly the self-promotion that was getting to me, so I unfollowed people who do a lot of promoting and little interacting. That's helped a lot.

    As for the shit-stirring, I have been trying to unfollow people who seem to get whipped into a fury at the drop of a hat. But I do think it's good for people to raise and discuss blogging-related issues that might be controversial. The problem is that twitter seems to encourage knee-jerk reactions. And then tweets get taken out of context and retweeted endlessly so that no one knows what the real story is anymore.

    I still keep Tweetdeck running in the background if I'm on the computer at home, but I'm finding that a lot of the people I used to chat with aren't around when I am (or they're lurking like me). I figure some of that's just because of holiday busyness.

  10. The main things that keep me on Twitter are events like #hitchfest and #shakennotstirred. The one naturally is watching Hitchcock movies with a group of folks on Twitter (I think you were even involved at one point) and the other is a discussion of an audiobook of a James Bond novel, followed by watching the James Bond movie of the same name. Recently I did take part in a discussion called #blog2012 that was good too. However, I'm not as, I don't know what the word is, enamored (?) with the "controversies" that seem to be stirred up every so often especially among book bloggers. Y'all need to chill -- ahem, and also be more ethical than you have been. :)

  11. I understand exactly what you're talking about. A year ago I started to unfollow anyone whose twitter feed was bringing me down: they had too many problems, didn't like kids, whatever. I don't have time for that. I use Twitter to discuss books and have great conversations, not for the drama.

  12. I started by unfollowing people, but there were just so many people. And then I found myself just staring at the tweets with nothing to say. That pretty much sealed the deal. Just as an fyi, if you do decide to delete, they give you 30 days to change your mind. It's not an instant delete.

  13. Amy- I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling that way. I will occasionally vent on Twitter but there are days when it's relentless.

    Amy#2- Hopefully, a new year will bring a new outlook!

    Teresa- The knee jerk reactions are happening so often now. If people paused before hitting post, they might decide not to put it out there.

    Unfinished- Yes, I was doing #hitchfest but either I couldn't find the movies or it was too late for me.

    Vasilly- I should have started doing that ages ago.

    Jill- I've been doing that too, like, what can I add to this convo? Probably nothing. Thanks for the info on Twitter.

  14. I've have taken a couple twitter breaks this year. they weren't planned, it just happened. I also unfollowed a ton of people and I blocked people that were following me but would never engage even if I @replied them many times. I sometimes get involved in 'drama' but only if it bothers me and is part of something larger.
    I would miss the book stuff if I just quit, I get so many great recommendations on there and I like it so much better than facebook.
    I hope you find a way to stay on and enjoy it!

  15. I take Twitter breaks. I only started using it again recently to tweet about Virtual Advent. I really enjoy talking to people like you on there, but I never seem to be on when other people are most of the time. I will just luck into a conversation here and there. I haven't been on in a few days because I got spammed to death. (They suggested I follow this half-naked girls thing and I made the mistake of commenting on it...)

  16. I use Twitter far less than I used to. I typically miss all the shit stirring because I'm not around enough. I tend to talk to little pods of people who happen to be on when I'm on, so it's very hit and miss for me.

  17. Regarding self-promotion, it's that Klout thing. I get sucked into that, though. And funny enough, I just made a commitment to myself that I'm going to try not to care as much about it even if they have the occasional good perk. It's such an odd social measurement score; does it really matter?

    It does seem like there's a controversy a day now that is launched on Twitter, endless write-ups are posted, skirmishes occur and fights in comments happen... with the end of another year, I think my new goals for 2012 will be, skip over the drama tweets/blog posts, not accept review books, listen to more audiobooks... and eat more white chocolate chips. Which is what I'm doing right now! Gotta go :)

  18. wow - I miss everything. I've somehow not been on the days when drama happens. I guess I'm following the right people. Tho, I have been cutting down my followees count. if I read someone's blog regularly or have had pleasant discourse with, I tend to be a Twitter follower. :)

  19. Bookmagic- With all the suggestions from everyone, I think I'll be able to keep using it, just pare it down.

    Kelly- Ugh, spam. Ignore and report, that's what I do.

    Andi- Yes, I've noticed you not being on there. Would be nice if we could be on all at the same time.

    Natalie- I checked out Klout a few times. I got one perk but it was US only. After that, I kinda gave up on it.

    Care- I'm thinking a smaller list is the way to go.

  20. I haven't officially quit Twitter, but to my great surprise, I'm doing a lot more social-media interacting on Facebook, which I never thought would happen! It seems like I see less and less of the people I like to talk to when I do check in on Twitter, so I mostly use it for link-sharing these days. (This comment thread has been quite enlightening, and made me think I'm really not missing much over there!)

  21. I realize I'm late to the party on this discussion, but I too can relate.

    I have gone back and forth on quitting altogether (though from my twitter stream, you'd never know that). I've learned over time to ignore the drama, join in on stuff that I care about (#OccupyAmazon, anyone?), and chat with those that I want to talk to.

    Ignoring random flare-ups over anything and everything is a challenge for sure, and I probably should start un-following people that do that because it's a bummer. The self-promotion I have seen isn't too bad, though that seems to happen in cycles. I figure I'm bound to run into at least some of that when I follow so many people.

    In any case, do whatever is best for you. I do hope you stay, as I only recently found you and judging from your blog, I'm sure we'd get along great.

    In the meantime, have a lovely holiday with your family!

    ~ Reese M. (@MissBookishGirl) :)

  22. the firefox plugin I used stopped working so I've found I'm on twitter far less. IT's actually quite freeing! not going to quit all together, but I like NOT being on there all the time.


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