Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Whisky and Books

Happy Windy Sunday, Peeps! It is blustering. Any moment I expect a plump yellow bear in a red t-shirt to fly by my window holding an umbrella. I am tucked away safe inside my house.

This weekend is loads better than last weekend, which doesn't take much because any weekend not involving a funeral has got to be better than one with one. However, this weekend involved whisky. After reading this article, I felt I must drink my share in protest (Canadian Club is my whisky of choice). My head was only mildly angry this morning. Some of the comments annoy me, especially ones from both males and females implying that drinking whisky (or any hard liquor) is unladylike. Poo.

In bookery news, used books were purchased at the library sale. I needed 2 trips to be truly sure I found the best of the best. Many of the books bought were for the girl.

She's been reading the first Harry Potter late into the night. I think I have a fan on my hands. I told her I would read it after she did so we could talk about it. Good old Harry.

Of my books, I was happy to find The Republic of Nothing by Lesley Choyce as it's been on my 'want list' for some time. Agatha Christie is never a bad buy. I have no idea what the Bronte novel will be like but I could not resist a book with that as a title. The last purchase was La Tulipe Noire by Alexandre Dumas. As much as I love Dumas, I cannot read French as well as I would like. I was thinking of using it for an altered book project, found here on Pinterest. I am having my doubts about it now though since I have such issues defacing books, especially old ones.

That's about it for me this Sunday. Think I'll go have some tea and curl up with Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto. Enjoy the rest of the day!


  1. Cussing isn't ladylike either, but that doesn't stop me.

  2. I had my first shot of whisky a couple of weeks ago, and I loved it. I'm on the whisky train now. :p

  3. I bought my stepdaughter the first Harry Potter book fro Christmas so I hope she loves it as much as your daughter does!

  4. I think that gender stereotypes have a lot to do with the way things are marketed today (or perhaps it's a chicken and the egg sort of problem). I HATE how baby clothes, for example, are almost impossible to find in colors other than blue or pink for babies 0-6 months old. I tried shopping for my friend's baby without one of those two colors quite unsuccessfully and was really upset by it. I suppose it's more accepted for girls to wear blue and do "manly" things because women need to at some point break through a glass ceiling, but it really bothers me that men liking traditionally softer things are thought not to be real men.

  5. I'm glad it was a good weekend! Enjoy your new books!

  6. Jill- Ha, nope!

    Silsbee- Alright!

    Lola- I hope so too. Already the girl is hooked.

    Aarti- Marketing makes me crazy. I can't watch any of the commercials during Nascar races (hubs watches). Between the beer and GoDaddy ads I want to scream. And I don't understand the GoDaddy ads since a lot of bloggers are women and use their service.

    Kathy- Thanks!

  7. I love The Republic of Nothing! Such a fun book...

  8. Lots to comment on here. I am a bourbon drinker, myself. but I prefer beer.
    Our book club just selected Before Ever After and I had not heard of it! NOw I see it here. :)
    What Aarti said.

  9. It was blustery here too, then it poured for hours on end. I loved it but got caught in it at one point.

    I am not a Whiskey drinker but I had sweet potatoes with Whiskey sauce last Friday at the University Club and let me tell you, it was delish! I am going to try to make them this Thursday. Anything could happen.


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