Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Snowy Thoughts

Another Sunday, but not a lazy one. We have some things to attend to at our house today. When you're the mom of an active daughter, the holiday season is a busy one with concerts and Christmas fairs and all that jazz. Plus there's all the holiday preparations to take care of. My schedule over the next couple of weeks is a full one, as yours probably is too, but I'll still make time for reading.

I feel like I didn't accomplish much reading wise this week although I finished both a book and an audiobook. First, I read The Lunenburg Werewolf by Steve Vernon which is a collection of supernatural stories from Nova Scotia. I really ennjoyed it. I also listened to Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? That's a nice light one. I'll have reviews up for those soon.

I started Someone at a Distance by Dorothy Whipple but saw I'm Half Sick of Shadows by Alan Bradley on the library website so I'll probably read that next as I won't have it long.

We had a freak snowstorm this week. I heard we ended up with 40 cm of snow (I can't convert that for you non-metric people, sorry, but it's a lot). I don't know what it is about the first snow of the year here. It's like people had amnesia or there are a lot of visitors from snowless countries that day because no one knows how to drive in it that first time. It was only 6 months or so ago we had snow. Why do people forget how to drive in snow? This is Canada. It comes every year. Anyway the snow lasted briefly as now it's melting into a nice combo of muck and slush (mlush?).

Finally have you seen the latest from the Totally Hip Video Book Reviewer Ron Charles? All summary and no analysis makes Ron a dull reviewer. Something to remember.

Oh and December 3rd I'll have a  holiday themed post up for the Virtual Advent Tour. Hope you drop in for that. Also on that day Amanda is hosting a readathon just for kicks.

Happy Sunday!


  1. 40cm is almost 16 inches which would be a MAJOR snowstorm for us. Who am I kidding - 2 or 3 inches is a major snowstorm for us. Stay warm!

  2. Enjoy the new Flavia! The fact that it's set during the holidays makes me want to read it now, but I still haven't read the second or third in the series.

  3. The snow was crazy! The temperature outside today, though, is 10 degrees, so I am thinking it will be mostly gone before long. They are calling for rain next week. I saw someone say on Facebook that in the first two hours of snow there were over 30 accidents in Halifax... There were some really major ones on the highways. I just don't understand it. The snow wasn't even a surprise...

  4. In theory I'm jealous of your snow, but not so much in reality. I hope you have a great week!

  5. Kathy- Yes, it probably would be!

    Nymeth- It's really good! Catch up soon.

    Kelly- It's crazy! Maybe people didn't have snow tires. I'm hoping that's why!

    Amy- Come visit the snow, then at least you can go home when you're bored of it. ;)

  6. That's a lot of snow.

    I cannot believe that December hits this Thursday. I have 6 holiday events between this week and next ans then more later. I don't know why everyone decided to host parties so early this year.

    Plus, the Winter formal for my son, play rehearsals... I need to update my calendar because as I write this, I am reminded of a couple more events that are not on my calendar yet.

  7. Thanks Kathy for the snow conversion! It missed us this round...
    I look forward to your review of the Whipple!!! It's fun to hate the the villain in that one.


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