That's Not My Name

Are there some authors whose name, no matter how many times you write it, you just can't get right? I have a few. I have to look them up every time. Their names just won't stick in my head. Not really hard ones either, like Niffenegger or Bohjalian. Easy ones, like these.

Edgar Allan Poe: It's not the Edgar and it's not the Poe. It's the Allan. There are a billion ways to spell Allan: Alan, Allen, and probably some modern parent spells it Allyn. A school teacher somewhere is crying.

Ernest Hemingway: I'll spell it Hemmingway if I'm not careful. I blame this on my Canadian education. I was taught to put double consonants before 'ing'. 

Margaret Atwood: Attwood. It just looks like it should be Attwood.

George Eliot: Again it's Elliot. Clearly, I have a problem.

Virginia Woolf: She has the same problem as old Edgar. It could be Wolf, or Wolfe. Who would think of Woolf?

Daphne du Maurier: Or is it DuMaurier? Du Maurier? duMaurier? I give up.

H.P. Lovecraft: This is more of a typo. Every time I type Lovecraft, I end up spelling it Lovercraft. Looks cute though. Lovercraft, like Hovercraft but with Love. Also, could be a good stripper name.

Oscar Wilde: I should know by now that Oscar would be fancy and have a name like Wilde not plain old Wild. He's like Anne Shirley that way. 

Often these mistakes have caused me embarrassment, especially as a book blogger. Well, I'm only human. At least, I get close. The Ting Tings have a different problem when it comes to names.

So what about you? Do you have a list of authors whose names you don't always get right? Or is it just me? 


  1. I love this post! Woolf always gives me trouble, and I sometimes have to watch out with du Maurier and Poe too. That Allan kills it!

  2. Honestly I'm not sure I knew Hemingway only had one m! Even as I typed his name I automatically put two ms and then erased one.

    Fun post!

  3. It's definitely not just you. Woolf and Allan always get me too.

  4. If I listed all the words that cause me troubles in English I would never end...glad to know somebody else has similar problems!

  5. I hear you on names like du Maurier... It's like Charles deLint or de Lint? I never really know.

  6. Awesome post-- so glad I'm not alone with Hemingway! I also have trouble with David Adams Richards, or is it David Adam Richards? David Adams Richard? Ann-Marie MacDonald? Anne Marie McDonald, etc. Mc versus Mac always gets me in trouble. I was also called out by Ami McKay for spelling it Amy.


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