Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Into the Woods

The weather actually turned around this weekend. It went from driving rain to beautiful sun and warm temps in a couple of hours. The family and I took advantage of this and went for pumpkins and a hike.

After picking out our perfect jack-o'-lanterns in training, we headed into the woods of Baddeck to hike along Uisge Ban Falls. If someone could bottle the smell of the woods in fall, I'd buy it to keep all year round.

Look at those colours! Isn't it beautiful? We had fun tromping along the trail, looking at the falling leaves and funky mushrooms. We didn't see any animals, except for a couple of poodles on leashes, but that's just as well. I'm always on the look out for coyotes. They can stay deep in the woods, thanks.


On the book front, I'm reading The Castle of Wolfenbach by Eliza Parsons for the Classic Circuit. As I suspected, there are swooning ladies galore. If I made it into a drinking game, I'd be sloshed after two pages. Still, I'm loving it, all it's missing is vampires. I've downloaded The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury on audiobook. I'm not sure what to expect with that one. I'll get to it soon.

Books came in the mail as well this week. The folks at Simon and Schuster surprised me with The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman and Rin Tin Tin by Susan Orlean. Two very different books but both seem interesting. Amanda (Dead White Guys) sent me Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. I'm curious about that one.


In a fit of boredom over my music (and an issue with itunes), I listened to a couple of podcasts this week. I always enjoy Books on the Nightstand and the latest episode was particularly interesting. Not only did they discuss The Night Strangers (which I reviewed this past week) but they revealed how they get their podcasts to sound so good. 

I also discovered that the ladies who wrote Run Like a Mother have their own podcast now: Another Mother Runner Radio. I listened to Kill the Hill podcast and found a lot of useful tips. I'm having a hard time running lately and the hilly areas around my house don't help. Hills are my enemy. I'm going to give their strategies a try. 

That was my week. How was yours? Anything exciting happening?


  1. Such gorgeous colours! I also went on a hike yesterday, hoping to see something similar, but this year everything's late and the trees are still mostly green. Probably because of the last week of September, when it was warmer than it'd been all summer. The poor trees must be confused.

  2. The scenery in that photo is gorgeous - the leaves are just starting to change around here.

    I had a very bookish week - 2 author events plus book club.

  3. I have a few minutes this morning, mabye an hour, to catck up on blogs, then I 've a full day of work ahead of me. I won't get out to see fall colors for a week or so. But by that time, the grape leaves up in Napa/Sonoma wine country will have all turned red. It's something to see.

  4. The pumpkin picking looks like a lot of fun! I am interested in The Dovekeepers so I am anxious to hear what you think of it.

  5. We had strong winds yesterday and the branches were falling off the trees because they are still so heavy with leaves. I want to go for a walk and take some pictures before the colours are gone, but haven't had a chance to yet.

    I also received a copy of Rin Tin Tin. I wouldn't have minded if they sent the Dovekeepers, too. Will have to get that from the library instead.

  6. So jealous of your fall walk! Thanks for sharing pics, though. :)

  7. Nymeth- The colours just came out here. The warm weather in Sept made ours late too.

    Kathy- Sounds like a good week.

    CB- That would be an impressive sight!

    Lola- I'm hearing mixed reviews.

    Kailana- I was so windy today. I saw a few branches in the street.

    Amy- Thanks!

  8. That is such a pretty photo. This year the foliage doesn't seem as brilliant as in past years.

  9. The leaves are just starting to turn here in So Cal. But it's still 90 degrees so they will quickly turn to brown and then drop off. Last year we had a lot of rain and gorgeous colors. I don't think it will happen this year.

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  11. I love that read EVERYTHING and anything! I read Catch-22 so long ago but I 'got' it. I have seen so many bloggers dissing it and feel sad. I read it precisely because I didn't understand where the phrase 'catch-22' came from! and that this book might explain it. I think it did. Maybe it is dated? Maybe I should re-read it. But I know I won't...


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