Couple of Things...

Hello all! If you're looking for me today, I'll be over at Jenn's Bookshelf dealing with Murder, Monsters and Mayhem. Mostly Monsters, actually, as I'm reviewing H.P. Lovecraft's The Shunned House. Hop on over and have a look.

The Shunned House was published in Weird Tales.

My reading is taking a backseat to my latest obsession, Pinterest. I blame this on Heather. It's easy to lose a couple of hours just looking at all the pretty things pinned to people's boards and making my own. I have boards for crafts, crochet, books, clothes and one for cute animals and babies. I'm so girly, it's ridiculous. Fun!

And... The 2011 Canadian Blog Awards have opened nominations. I've never participated before, other than to vote for a couple of friends' blogs. If you feel compelled to nominate me, I wouldn't say no. :)

Catch ya later!


  1. I know! Pinterest is absorbingly awesome. I have always said I want to and need to read some Lovecraft... but it's really not my cuppa tea. Someday?

  2. I love Pinterest as well but haven't been spending much time on there because the phone app seems to be so buggy and I rarely make it to an actual computer these days. But so many creative ideas, huh?? Love it.

  3. I am afraid to click the Pinterest link, because it sounds absolutely fascinating -- and I hardly have time to read as it is :) But it sounds like you're having a lot of fun, so that's awesome!

  4. So, I live under a rock. I have never even heard of the Canadian Blog Awards... Guess I have never been nominated!

  5. I have heard about Pinterest. I don't quite understand it still. Maybe it will grow on me like Twitter, well actually I'm still adapting to Twitter. But I guess I don't get the appeal just yet of Pinterest. I will look into it again.


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