Spam Haiku

Spam. Most of the time it's incomprehensible goobly-gook, but sometimes I read it and think, "hey, that's almost pretty." I've taken some prize phrases from recent blog spam comments and mashed them together to create haiku poems.

liked the article
your concept is outstanding
but some disagree

How My Heart Misbehaves
physician studies
the pattern on the paper
to see heart rhythm*

To Sew or Not to Sew
a French fashion house,
a long rectangular bag,
locate a seamstress

Nice Place You Got Here
very nice indeed
housing is really wooden
spectacular place

I'm sure I could come up with more but that will do for now. I wonder what other things you can do with spam, besides delete it.

*This one is almost word-for-word. I don't know what they were trying to sell.


  1. Some of your spam is different from mine - I don't think I've ever gotten any about seamstresses. Your post is very clever!

  2. Brava! Very impressive use of SPAM.

  3. Your spam is much more creative than mine. Mine just calls me FABULOUS all the time. Sometimes Dahling... but mostly fabulous.

  4. That's creative. I never get spam, so no spam haiku's for me. :-(

    Lol@ Ti's spam, someone thinks you're fabulous and that's spam? :-)

  5. Great post! Some of the spam makes me roll my eyes and laugh on a regular basis.

  6. Kathy- I've had a run on fashion related spam lately. I don't know what brought it on.

    Beth & Andi- Thank you! Thank you!

    Ti- You are Fabulous!

    Lena- I didn't always get spam. The first couple of years were spam free. And yes spammers tend to be very complimentary right before they leave a link to p0rn or phishing sites.

  7. LOL That's fun. You should leave the spam up so we can make our own hiakus out of it. ;)

  8. I guess that's better than the usual comments they leave!

  9. Love it! I don't get much spam, myself, but that's probably partly because I am an overprotective blogger after getting tons of it, in the past. I hate making readers type in a word and then wait for their comments to be moderated, but if I leave out either it gets insane. At least you're having fun with your spam!

  10. What an awesome fun thing to do with spam! Way to go! :)

  11. How to get rid of Spam? Too bad you can't smuggle it out in your pants and scatter it around the compound. The haikus are a nice method.

  12. I love this! You are so creative, Chris.


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