Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Playing Catch Up

Today I feel like I'm playing catch up. Over the last couple of weeks I read more than I reviewed and now I'm in a race to write my reviews before I forget everything. I tend to start forgetting details of books as soon as I start a new one. I try never to get more than a couple of reviews behind or that's it. It all goes out my ear or something. When I read that some bloggers have 13 reviews to write, I feel a little panic for them. Are you like me? Do you forget the small details in books as soon as you finish or can you retain most of what you read for long periods of time?

So far today, I've updated my Reviewed Books page, sent reviews to publishers on Netgalley and I've written a guest post for Jenn's new feature Murder, Monsters & Mayhem! (aka Mx3). Mx3 starts in October. Watch for that. I can't wait to see what people do for it. It should be fun!

Now I need to write 2 review posts for my own blog, schedule a post for Tuesday (a buddy read with Kelly), visit the bloggers who dropped by during BBAW, and start looking up some information on Brave New World for my book club. Oh, and read!

This week I finished reading A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway and The Man in the Picture by Susan Hill. I also started Revenge of the Lobster Lover by Hilary MacLeod and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern on audio book. I'm liking The Night Circus by I'm not blown away like a lot of people are. I'll see how I feel by the end. Maybe it's all the hype surrounding it.

As for new books, I received 3 over the last few weeks. That's a good thing. Too many books is an overwhelming feeling.

  • Everything I Kow About Love I Learned from Romance Novels by Sarah Wendell. I love the Smart Bitches blog so I'm looking forward to this.
  • Mind Over Mussels by Hilary MacLeod. This is book #2 in The Shores series which is why I'm reading #1 (Lobster Lover) right now.
  • Quiet by Susan Cain. It's all about introverts and since I'm one I figured it would be my thing.
That's how my reading week looked. How was yours?


  1. I'm SO like you…if I don't review a book immediately after I read it, I completely forget it. EVERYONE has the Night Circus but me :/ Must fix that...

  2. I generally must review a book soon after reading it or I forget. When I kept a reading journal as I read, it was easier but I fell out of that habit somewhere along the way.

  3. I really need to be better about reviewing books as soon as I finish them because even after a week or two I forget a lot of the points and details I wanted to touch on. I also need to do some housekeeping stuff too!

  4. Chris- I was lucky to see that the library was getting it this week and put it on hold.

    Literary- I can't keep a journal anymore either. It's just not happening.

    Lola- I tend to let things slide on my blog much too often. Today I made a point to take care of things.

  5. I do forget details if I wait too long. Unfortunately, the reviews I put off writing are usually for the books about which I didn't have much to say in the first place, so writing the reviews gets even harder!

    A Moveable Feast is on my TBR and has been for a while. I have The Night Circus waiting for me, too, and am a little worried all the hype will have placed my expectations too high! We'll see.

    As for my reading week, well, I spent most of it reading blogs for BBAW. That, and some Sea of Poppies for my current Reading Buddies book.

  6. I have a bunch to review as well. I'm afraid they might turn into "mini reviews" because it has been so long. I'm afraid I'm going to confuse the different stories!

    I'm interested in seeing what you think of The Night Circus. I picked it up this weekend, but wasn't really getting into it so I'm going to try something else for now.

  7. I have to write the review as soon as I finish the book. Many of my reviews are "feeling" based instead of technical reviews that discuss plot, writing, etc. I can't accurately describe how I felt upon finishing if the review is not written within say... 4 days (tops).


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