Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Open House

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It's a beautiful Sunday here for a change! I must get out and enjoy it.

The Book Blogger Appreciation Week Awards nomination deadline just passed. I hope you all nominated your favorites. As per usual when discussing awards, the C-word comes up: clique. I just shrug whenever I see it, because people like what they like. Most of the blogs in my Google Reader are ones I've been following for years. They may have started blogging when I did or we were part of the same challenges. We read a lot of the same books. I just happen to like their writing style or we talk about stuff on Twitter. Or there is just something about that blog, a je ne sais quoi, that appeals to me. It's a chemistry that works and it's different for everybody. 

Of course, I'm missing thousands of blogs, but that's because there are thousands of book blogs. Our small community has grown into a city. It's huge. I happened to find a blog that was hosting a blog hop and I didn't recognize a single one. "Who are these people?" I wondered. There are parts of the book blog world I don't know because I did not know they were even there. It's like travelling through your city, turning a corner and discovering a whole neighbourhood you've never seen before. 

I'm a homebody by nature anyway. I'm an introvert who would rather have a couple of intimate friends than a thousand Facebook friends. The great thing about events like BBAW is that every year I discover a few blogs to add to my circle. The blogs that have that je ne sais quoi. I move a little bit further outside my own neighbourhood. 

If it seems that the most recognizable blogs get all the accolades, well, that's ok. They've done the work to get it. The "popular" blogs also have the kind of headaches this blog is never going to have. The drama that I don't want to deal with. I'm grateful to have the readers that I do. You're all so polite. :)

On that note, dear readers, I'm going to be neighbourly and have a bit of an Open House. There won't be any prizes just virtual tea and coffee. If you're a lurker, or just happened by, or a regular commenter, how about leaving a comment and I'll drop by and say hello on your blog too. Or if you don't have a blog, I'll say hello here. And please visit the other commenters too! Let's have some community building.


  1. I missed BBAW last year and I watched all the posts this year, but...I sort of kept passing it by and then the deadline passed me. Ah, well. I have been blogging for a year and just enjoy the general experience of writing about the books I like. My Google Reader, though is sick with how full of blogs I follow, which has turned into a part-time job of keeping up with everyone, but I love every single bit of it.

  2. Thank you for this! I felt the same yesterday when on twitter. Yes, it is true, I have found little "new" new blogs, but I do appreciate all the blogging friends I have - even if I don't visit quite as often as I used to. That is what is most important to me in blogging - the friendly atmosphere.

    And I agree, I could never put in the amount of work some of the very big blogs out there do. And I'm happy with the way things are, though I admit I get a little jealous at times.

  3. What a lovely idea to have a Open House! I'll bring some raspberry kuchen I made, Enjoy!

    Finally, a lovely day here on PEI. Hopefully CB is just as nice. Actual sun, and heat. Crazy.

    I liked your thoughts on blogging and groups and such. Very rational.
    Have a lovely reading day, Chris.

  4. Well said, Chris. For a while there the fact that there were so many "neighbourhoods" in book blogging I had no idea about unsettled me. Four years ago we used to all know one another, and suddenly there was this huge explosion. But then again, the fact that there are all these people passionate about books online is a GREAT thing. Also, I've come to realise that I actually like keeping my corner of the blogging world manageable and small.

  5. I often find new blogs at random only to discover later that there is a connection between the owner and a blog I've been reading for a while. It's nice because it means that no matter how big or little, most of our blogs are connected in some way.

    I liked finding new blogs through BBAW last year and am hoping to do the same this year, especially as a few blogs I followed have sadly closed.

  6. I'm an introvert by nature, too, loving the intimacy of a few rather than the superficiality (a strong word, I realize) of many. I'm greatly comforted to hear you say "Whoa!" (so to speak) over the vast number of book blogger there are now. It was fun when it was small and intimate when we began in 2006 or so; I miss those days when I felt like I 'knew' everyone. Now, I have neither the time nor the energy to expand my circle. I'd rather keep in touch with my old book buddies, like you, which I do a horrible job of as it is. Bless you for having an Open House. Can I host a Closed House? ;)

  7. Natalie- My GR is always crazy! Welcome to book blogging, btw!

    Iris- It does seem like a lot of work to be really big.

    Raidergirl- Enjoy the weather! And raspberry knuckle sounds so good.

    Nymeth- It is unsettling but we can't be everywhere. A little corner is all I need.

    Charlie- I too had some favorites stop blogging. It's always sad.

    Bellezza- I was so "Whoa!" There had to be 100 blogs and I didn't know one. I felt really out of the loop. And maybe you can have a Private Party. ;)

  8. Hi there! I've been following your blog for a few months. I found your entries about re-reading Jane Eyre via Google Reader's "recommended" page, and I got hooked from there.

    I recently started my own blog about dealing with depression and anxiety, from a spiritual perspective. I have no idea if people are going to like it or find what I post useful, but if nothing else I think it will be good for me.

  9. Why, coffee please, just black, no cream or sugar. :-) Very neighborly of you!

  10. Xedri- Thanks for commenting! Nice to 'meet' you. And that's the best way to approach blogging, as something for you first.

    Amy- Here you go, dear. *passes a mug*

  11. I'm another person who wouldn't want my blogging community to grow to the point where I can't keep up. If I tried to keep up, I'd never get a chance to read books! Or go to work or see my friends or exercise or anything! It's too much for anyone these days. And ditto on drama-free comment areas. The book blogging world in general is so wonderful about that.

    Anyway, I think it's easy to assume that the blogs we know are the "main" blogs out there, and events like BBAW that cross many (but by no means all) the book blogging "neighborhoods" can be really nice for seeing what others are doing and maybe finding a few new blogging friends.

  12. I know exactly what you mean! There are so many great blogs out there that I know nothing about, but I really don't have time to read any more than I already do. It's nothing personal, but I've gotten to the point where I have to take a blog out of my Reader before I can add a new one.

  13. Did someone mention coffee? :) Stopping by just for a minute to say hello ... and how much I still love your blog.

  14. I think that you nailed it when you said that the popular blogs do deserve to get the accolades. Man, blogging can be hard work. I know that if my life gets busy, blogging is the first fun pastime that I kick to the curb. MAJOR BLOGGERS just can't do that, ya know? It's an unpaid job so let's give them props when we can.

    I have to admit, when I'm talking to some of my students I let on that the gossipy middle school mentality can often be found in the adult world too. Middle school is the prime time to start practicing how you want to handle it. :)

  15. I love your Open House idea and it is frustrating to try to read so many blogs...but it is fun to find the group that you sort of fit with...and keep up with them...I am good and bad about always depends on my mood and how busy I am...and I always want my comments to mean something...

  16. I feel the same way about it myself. I didn't even know the nomination period had opened and now it's closed??

    I follow blogs, specific ones, for very specific reasons. I really enjoy the interaction between bloggers and not all bloggers choose to interact on their blogs. So the ones in my reader are blogs with bloggers who comment and interact. They also have a very distinct voice. A genuine one.

  17. I've been struggling a little with my blogger identity lately. I'm much less a book blogger than I used to be, but not really a mommy blogger either, or a craft blogger. It's hard to maintain an audience that way and I've had several readers vanish over the last year. I don't want a huge blog, but I would like mot conversation, more effort on my part to get some chat going. To that end, I'm trying to to lurk as much (HI!) and to get out of my shell more.

  18. Hi, Chris! Thanks for the invitation to your open house. You have a lovely home here online, and it's a pleasant place to visit.

  19. Teresa- You could spend hours visiting all the book blogs that are out there now.

    Kathy- Yes, my GR is pretty jammed everyday.

    Melissa- Aw, thanks!

    Christina- Yes, surprisingly that mentality follows us into adulthood.

    Patty- Yes, I have my commenting spurts as well.

    Ti- Voice has a lot to do with who I follow as well.

    Lisa- That seems to be happening to a lot of book bloggers lately. I hope everyone doesn't disappear on me!

  20. Hey, why no males in the picture that accompanies this post? There are so few of us male book bloggers, but we do exist you know ;)

    (Just trying to throw some controversy against your "so polite" comment.)

    Anyway, I agree with what the others have said above. It seems I have a finite number of how many blogging friends I can keep up with. Too many and I start neglecting some and feel bad.

  21. John- You would notice that wouldn't you? I thought I heard some study about how humans can only remember around 150 people at one time. Maybe that refers to blogging too.

  22. What a lovely idea! I'm a regular reader, but an infrequent commenter ... feeling overwhelmed with BBAW and all the book blogs I don't know, but life is so busy and even my own blog is sadly neglected at the moment.

  23. I'm predominantly a lurker, but you certainly brighten up my googlereader every Monday morning!

  24. JoAnn- I can be neglectful of my own blog as well. I had to update my Book Reviews page on the weekend. I hadn't done that since May.

    Amanda- Aw, thanks!

  25. I FINALLY got registered to participate in BBAW, but I missed nominating any blogs. It is amazing how our quaint little community has grown to a bustling city. I often have the same reaction to blog hops.

  26. Stopping by to say hello and grab some coffee. Yours is one of my favorites. I think I initially found you through the Daphne du Maurier Challenge (which of course I failed miserably at). Keep up the good work!

  27. I think I'm late to the party. As usual. But here's a virtual cookie. :-D

  28. Oh wonderful post! I'm kind of like you - I have my goodies but oldies that I follow. I also already have a ton of blogs I follow already and have a hard time keeping up just with them. I agree that I do NOT want any of the drama that a lot of the more popular blogs have or may have. I just like having my little ol' blog that I can do whatever I want with.

    I love your idea of an Open House and grabbing a cup of coffee. Hello!

  29. Andi- It is startling!

    Teresa- You have to give Daphne another go. I love her books.

    Jill- Fashionably late. ;)

    Amanda- No, no drama for me please!


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