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So, on Wednesday there was a Big Ta-do about an article written in a smaller US publication by a woman complaining about how book bloggers are ruining publishing and we're just a bunch of yakking women reading fluff. I don't have a lot to add to this conversation that hasn't already been said by others. But I do want to express how sad I am that this was written by a woman about women. It's upsetting to see a member of my sex marginalize the women she observed at a book convention as the young and the mommies. The implication being that these groups are silly, because, you know, this group of people can't possibly have anything important to say about literature. We better leave that to the people who know better than us, even though we're the ones doing all the reading. It's kind of like how we had our men vote for us, so they made sure the right people got into parliament. The good old days before we got the vote.

In happier main stream media news, book bloggers. including John from The Book Mine Set, were mentioned in this article in the Globe and Mail. Yay! The topic is reading challenges and why people enjoy them. There were dissenting views of people who see them as competitive or vain, a view I don't understand.

This week I spent about an hour going through the books at my local thrift store. That section is getting huge now! I don't often shop there but it's a bit of a change from going to my used book store. The kids book section was where I had the most success. I'm going through a nostalgic period where I want to read the books I did as a kid just to see if I still like them, so I bought a Sweet Valley High (Elizabeth Betrayed, doesn't that sound dramatic?), Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, a Choose Your Own Adventure book (they were so much fun!). I also picked up Ella Enchanted, and Far Enough Island by Lesley Choyce (a Nova Scotia author), newer titles. I will be sharing them with the kid. For myself, I bought The Blue Castle (a brand new copy to replace my scruffy one), More Maritime Mysteries, and Barometer Rising by Hugh MacLennan. I realize now that I chose all books by Maritime authors for myself. Weird.

And finally, I heard tell that the postal strike will end soon. Yay! I can order books again! Somewhere my husband just got a cold chill and a feeling of doom.


  1. How fun! Nice haul. I love going to second hand stores... I sort of think of it as the 'humane society for books'. I feel like I've rescued them. :)

    I've still got a copy of Ella Enchanted from a yard sale around here somewhere too

    I just did a similar post.

    Happy Sunday

  2. What a fabulous opening paragraph in the beginning of this post (not that I didn't like the rest of it, too :). You stated so succinctly and kindly exactly how I feel, with grace and wisdom. Silly woman in the magazine, what does she know? Not as much as those of us who read circles around her!


  3. As a male book blogger, I think she needs to shut it. ;)

    But seriously, she does need to shut it. Ha.

    I hadn't seen that article in the Globe and Mail. Fascinating. I think challenges can be vain, but not always are...of course, I say that because I'm in a few. :P

  4. I've heard about the challenges resulting in inflated ego and vanity and causing resentments and stuff. Who knew! Some opinions are just so silly they make my eyebrows disappear.

  5. Yaay for John getting mentioned in the Globe and Mail. Boo to the woman who complained yet again about bloggers. i recently read a comment by a publisher that they thought book bloggers stylized themselves as critics when they had no book learning to do such.....that made me so mad! Most of us aren't out to ruin any writers, we're just talking about books. Grr.

    And double hurray for the local thrift store book shopping. I love to do that too! I even buy books off my library sale shelf. I have begun collecting books from my childhood to reread too - and hope one of my children will want to read them too. I think I am still looking for a copy of Ella Enchanted, which we own the movie to but I've never read.

    My husband is happy to have the post office back, but very scared of what it means....

  6. I was wondering if you book lovers in Canada were having serious withdrawal symptoms!!

    ENJOY Your new acquisitions.

  7. Laura- I feel like that way too, like I'm giving them a home.

    Bellezza- Thanks!

    Unfinished- I don't see them as vain just a way to make me read books I always wanted to anyway.

    Aths- Yes, those challenges are a regular soap opera! lol!

    Susan- "Stylized" as critics. That makes me laugh. That's is not what I'm going for at all.

    Diane- Yes, it's been tough!

  8. I haven't weighed in on that stupid, stupid article, but yeah. Stupid, stupid article. I'm of the mind that this author and Curtis Sittenfeld should spend some time together stroking each other's egos. :D

    Yay for an end to the strike! I bet your ordering finger is rather itchy by now. :D

  9. She totally excludes us yakking men who read fluff. Sexist.

    As for the book challenges and vanity, I admit I only read to brag about it. You have no idea how many friends I make when I talk about all the books I've read. Yep, readers are the life of the party, that's for sure. I walk down the street with a Margaret Laurence in my hand, and it's like an Axe Commercial.

  10. I hadn't heard about the woman's comments :(

  11. Nice selection of books you got there. I never thought to go to the thrift store for books. The library bookstore had a sell this weekend, 50% off and so I racked up. Got most books for 50cents or a quarter each.So I was thrilled. It's so fun to go shopping for books.


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