Challenge Roundup for May

Somehow it's June 1st. How did that happen? I don't know. Crazy. Apparently, I forgot* to do a Challenge Roundup last month (which no one but me really cares about) so it might appear that I read more for my challenges. Do not be fooled.

So, okay. In April, my Daphne du Maurier Challenge wrapped up and I decided to keep the reviews over at the dedicated blog. Plus, I encouraged you all to add any of yours. Please do!

The Challenges

Once Upon a Time Challenge: I guess technically I've completed this one but I still have books I want to read for it.

Sisters Red by Jackson Pierce, a buddy read with Kelly
Princess Academy by Shannon Hale
The People of the Sea by David Thomson

The Foodie Challenge:

Simply Great Breads by Daniel Leader
Two Williams Sonoma Cookbooks

The 4th Canadian Books Challenge: I've completed it but I keep reading!

Essex County
The Canadian Housewife by Rosemary Neering

And of course I'll be participating in the 5th Canadian Books Challenge starting July 1. Why don't you join up?

I hope to read a few more books read this month for my challenges. How did you do with yours in May?

*I'm sure I didn't forget but it's possible that post was lost during Blogger Apocalypse.


  1. Good lookin' challenge reads! You've read more for yours than I have for mine. I really need to pick up on Once Upon A Time.

  2. lol @ Blogger Apocalypse. Perfect name for it. I will have to use that. :-) The only challenge I have given myself this year is 52 books in 52 weeks. I'm so behind. I think I have 40 books to go in 24 weeks.... Sad. But I'm hoping to make up some ground this summer.

    Great job on completing your challenges.

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  4. I heart the Canadian Book Challenge :)

  5. Yay! Glad to have you (and Teena) back on board!


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