Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Blogging Stuff

Hello Peeples! How is your Sunday going? It is overcast here again. At least it isn't raining. Seems like all I do now is talk about the weather. That's because it is sooooo depressing. It puts everyone in a foul mood and in danger of getting rickets. While we're used to a lot of rain here in the north east, this is beyond ridiculous.

Earlier this week Blogger suffered a massive tantrum and refused to work, it even lost people's recent posts. It looks like I got everything back but honestly I haven't been writing a lot lately. I feel like I lost a bit of my blogging mojo. Even reading is a battle for me. I can't help but think that it has a lot to do with the atmosphere I'm living in. It's gray and blah, so I am gray and blah. Please Mr Sun, shine down on us again!

During these times, I find I want to listen to audiobooks. I finished The Paris Wife as an audiobook this week and started The Turn of the Screw. Yes, Henry James, my old nemesis! Can you believe it? But I thought "what the hell, I don't have to finish it if I don't want to." So far it is actually going well and I suspect that I could manage James if he was being read to me.

Speaking of audiobooks, Smart Bitches wrote a post on ACX, a company that allows authors to create audio versions of their work. This is an interesting idea. On the one hand, it creates new (or old) titles for readers who could previously only buy the text versions. Very helpful for people with a disability. On the other, it allows authors to narrate their own books. Um, not everyone is a great reader and a reader can make or break an audiobook. What do you think?

Audible is only offering the service for "professionally published", not self-published, authors so far. This isn't quite the do-it-yourself, no-rules world of Kindle publishing yet. I've received several review requests for self-published (some call themselves 'indie') books this past week despite the fact I have written in my About Chrisbookarama page that I do not review them. Authors, please, read the About Me pages of book bloggers. We have them for a reason. It will save everyone from frustration if you do. There are blogs who do review self-published books; this isn't one of them.

Finally, I finished Hard Times for the Classic Circuit. My review will go up on Wednesday. Tune in to see what I thought. At the library, I picked up Essex County, a Canada Reads contender from February. A trip to the used bookstore gave me 2 L.M. Montgomery titles: The Story Girl and Magic for Marigold.

And because it seems appropriate, here's the very moody Here Comes the Rain Again by the Eurythmics. Who hasn't wandered around the shore in their nightgown while some dude with a camera followed them?


  1. I am lacking blogging mojo lately too. But it has been sunny here the last couple of weeks. Just a bit too busy, I guess.

    I have only recently started listening to audio books, but I can see how authors you wouldn't normally read could work really well on audio. I hope you continue to enjoy James. I haven't yet read anything by him, so I really don't know..

  2. I live in the Midwest, so I feel your pain regarding rain. I think we've only had three sunny days here, and by now I should be lounging on my porch getting some color on this pasty skin!

  3. It is drippy, drippy, drippy here today, so I know what you mean! But you still seem to have gotten a lot done! You question about the audiobooks is a good one -- a great reader can really make a book, but a poor reading could kill it. I'd be very careful if I were an author.

  4. I feel like it's a struggle to blog and read as well. Feeling a bit blah myself....we should start a club...LOL

  5. I guess you're right about the reading and the weather! I've been feeling pretty down for a while and even reading isn't helping me much. It looks like a spreading bug now, because I've been hearing many admit to it this week. Hopefully, things improve soon.

  6. That sure is a lot of bookish good stuff for someone struggling to read!! Hang in there, the sun will come out (and I'm avoiding singing the Annie song).

    I struggle with James, too, but having him read to me wouldn't be so bad. Good luck with "Turn of the Screw."

  7. The weather has been crazy lately! I hope you get some sun soon.

  8. I hit a little reading hiccup trying to get through a book for a book tour. Said book was supposed to be great and wasn't so I was sorely diappointed. It wasn't that it was awful, it just wasn't what I had expected it to be. Needless to say, it was like hitting a speed bump and sort of threw my other reading off.

    Unfortunately, the next book I picked up is doing the same thing. Ugh.

    So Cal has been cold and windy. It rained yesterday, too. Very strange. I do think I have rickets!! LOL.

  9. I think everyone is somewhat out of the blogging "mojo." At least, the blogs I read and me too... Hang in there. Off to read your others posts.


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