Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Back to Normal

Good morning! We now return to regularly scheduled programming. Not that I have anything scheduled. Because of last week, I'm behind in both blogging and reading. I did finish Essex County by Jeff Lemire before I got involved in Armchair BEA. I'll be writing up my thoughts on that one soon.

As for reading, I'm picking away at The Wild Rose by Jennifer Donnelly, a NetGalley ebook. It's as big as The Winter Rose (BIG) so it's taking me some time. I've started both Evelina (for the readalong) and Alaska (for book club).

In my real life, Armchair BEA fell during a very busy week. I had concerts, plays, and parties this week. All kids' stuff in case you're thinking I'm some kind of socialite. Actually the month of June going to be a crazy one.

Also in June is Audio Book Week hosted by Jen at Devourer of Books. I have a couple of reviews for that and can't wait to see what Jen comes up with.

One last mention of Armchair BEA. I want to thank my fellow organizers. They worked so hard to make it the success it was. It was a huge event this year and I suspect it will be even bigger next year. It was amazing to see so many people signing up and the sponsors rolling in. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. A BIG thanks to all who participated and all who stopped by Chrisbookarama to comment. I hope you will keep visiting.

Have a great week!


  1. Armchair BEA was definitely a lot of fun! I'm so glad to have found your blog through it. =)

  2. It sounds like Armchair BEA has become a great event!

  3. Thanks so much for helping out with such an awesome event. I had a hard time keeping up with it all, and I didn't have anything really going on this week. I can't imagine how tough it was for you!

    It was crazy busy, but really fun. I'm so glad I participated. I am already looking forward to next year!

    Jennifer of Little Shelf

  4. Thanks for helping to make this an amazing week for all the participants of ABEA. It was such a great way for us non-attendees of the NYC event to find some really great new blogs like yours, and to have some really interesting post topics to respond to.

    And, yes, it is great to be back to normal. As much as I loved it, I'm happy to get back to the books.

    Happy reading!

  5. A big thanks to you and the other organizers for Armchair BEA. I was thrilled to participate this year.

    I am really glad to have had the three-day weekend to somewhat recover from it, because like you, this next month is going to be CRAZY! :)

  6. Congrats on a successful Armchair BEA! (Now that I'm following you (I've always been a reader/lurker) I suppose I best comment more. :)

  7. Yes, thanks for all you did this year for Armchair BEA, and for stopping by What She Read too! I'm glad to find out about Audiobook Week - I try to review one per week, and maybe I'll throw in an extra one next week for good measure!


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