Discover My Reading Roots

************Every Tuesday Carina from Reading Through Life interviews a book blogger about his or her reading roots. This week it was my turn! Please go check it out.**************


  1. I enjoyed your interview. We only had 3 channels growing up as well and the TV was only on when my parents wanted to watch something. If my sister and I turned it on, our mother would turn it off and shoo us outside.

  2. I enjoyed reading your answers so much that I mentioned you in today's post and answered the questions myself:

  3. I loved your description of Mr. Bounderby--I found him actually a bit interesting insofar as sort of seeing the error of his ways by the end of the book.

    I found Mr. Sleary's dialogue completely unreadable. The lisp was worse than dialect when it comes to reading what was for me a dreary book.


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