Hour the Six: Read-a-thon

Six hours in and I have one book finished. Yay! I found out What the Librarian Did. I was a good book. Light but engaging.

Now I think I should change out of pajama pants.

And look for snacks. The house is quiet at the moment. The hubs and girl are out. They were supposed to come right back but oh well. The cat doesn't mind.

See you all in a bit!


  1. Well done for finishing a book. Good luck with the next one. Hope it's interesting enough to keep you going a bit longer.

  2. Good job, I hope you make it all the way through. I enjoyed The Man in the Brown Suit, it would be good to red when you are feeling tired

  3. And I just put my pajama pants back on...Congrats on finishing a book!

  4. What a fluffy cat! I can almost feel my nose tickling. :)


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