Challenge Roundup for March 2011

I'm very proud of myself. I finished The 4th Canadian Books Challenge. Yay!! 13 out of 13 books read before July 1st. That's a first for me. I usually end up either not completing the challenge or just by the skin of my teeth. Never have I finished several months before the deadline.
  • Damaged by Pamela Callow
  • Folly by Marthe Jocelyn
  • Her Mother's Daughter by Lesley Crewe
  • The Prisoner of Dieppe by Hugh Brewster
  • Witchcraft by Clary Croft
  • The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery
  • Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens by Marie Nightingale
  • An Orange from Portugal (Anthology)
  • Dead Politician Society by Robin Spano
  • Jane of Lantern Hill by L.M. Montgomery
  • Motorcycles & Sweetgrass by Drew Hayden Taylor
  • Scribbling Women by Marthe Jocelyn
  • Home to Woefield by Susan Juby
If you're curious about any of these titles and my thoughts on them, see the label "4th Canadian Reading Challenge" in the sidebar.

I more than completed the Audio Book Challenge having listened to several titles this month: The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff, Julia Child, A Life by Laura Shapiro, and Bartleby the Scrivener by Herman Melville. I think that brings it up to 6, I signed up for 3.

I'm still am only at 2 out of 3 (or more) books for the Nordic Challenge but I have until the end of December for that one.

I finally reviewed a book for The Foodie Challenge, though technically I reviewed it in April. Shh! Simply Great Breads by Daniel Leader.

With two challenges complete, I thought I'd slip in a new one Once Upon a Time Challenge. Can't wait to get into that one!

No new Daphne du Maurier reviews from me. I'm seriously thinking of pre-ordering The Doll Short Stories for myself for Mother's Day. It won't make it for the end of the challenge which is April 19th but that's okay. I'm going to keep on reading her stuff. Recently there was a story related to Daphne's story Don't Look Now or more accurately the movie based on her story. There is a new book which claims the steamy scene between Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie was for real. When I read that I thought, "Eww!" I talked a bit about that scene in my review of the film. However, Sutherland denies that claim and says it was just really good editing. So the controversy about that one continues.

Here's a trailer of the movie Don't Look Now

How were your challenges for March?


  1. You are doing really well with your challenges! Congrats on finishing some already!

  2. Congrats on your reading so far: hope the rest of the reading year holds as many goodies for you!

  3. great job on finishing up so early! i've never joined a challenge for fear i'd be cramming instead of enjoying! that said, i could handily complete an audiobook challenge as i listen to 1 or 2 each week on my commute. maybe i'll start with one of those--an easy one for me!

  4. You are doing great on your challenges - congrats!


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