Cats and Dogs Living Together

Walking the dog and cat

This photo made me laugh. I was thinking how there is no way I could get one of my cats to walk on a leash, never mind with a dog. I'm impressed by this lady.

My own cats have reacted to the new dog in their own ways. The bigger cat, the boy, ran away and hides whenever he sees the dog. He's a big chicken anyway. The smaller girl has made the dog understand that this is her house and must follow her rules. The puppy now avoids anywhere that cat is. The cat makes that difficult for her by sitting in doorways and staring. Poor pup just wants to play but the cat is having none of it! She might be half the size of the dog but she's mastered the art of intimidation.

I'm sure they'll work out their differences eventually but I'm not sure they'll ever be seen walking on leashes together.


  1. Love it! I've seen cats walking along with people, but I've never seen them on a leash. Thanks for posting!

  2. PHC- I tried to put a harness on my cat to walk her. She backed right out of it. I don't know how this lady did it.

  3. In college, my roomie had a dog and I had a very sassy cat. They hated each other when we were there, but many times, I came in on them unannounced and found them snuggling. As soon as they noticed me, the hissing and barking began.

    I think the "act" was more my cat's doing than the dog's. I'm sure your furry ones will call a truce soon and learn to just get along with each other. Hopefully. LOL.

  4. I love the photo. When we lived in Auburn, birds of prey were such a problem, vets recommended walking cats on leashes and one of our neighbors actually did.

  5. Ti- Those cats have such attitudes!

    Kathy- I would love to know how they did it.

  6. We unfortunately had a cat that left us when we got our family dog :( she was a farm cat originally so she was very independent anyway but she left a few days after the dog arrived. Sometimes she would pop by every few months and we could see she was being fed and looked after from somewhere. See a dog would never do that.

  7. what a funny picture. I hope you pets learn to get alone. What a gutsy sounding cat!


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