Attachments by Rainbow Rowell: Review

It's 1999. Again. Remember 1999? Y2K. The Millennium. We were all going to take Prince's advice and party like...well... it's 1999. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell made me all nostalgic for those days again.

Lincoln's job is to monitor the emails of all The Courier's employees. It's not a job he likes, in fact it makes him feel creepy, but it pays well and he has lots of time to think about the next step in his life. Maybe get a girlfriend, move out of his mom's house. Stuff a guy in his late twenties should be doing. Then he starts reading Beth and Jennifer's emails to each other and gets hooked. They're funny and clever and caring. Lincoln feels like he's getting to know them through their emails. And he's falling in love with Beth.

I admit when I first started reading Attachments I had a hard time getting into it. Lincoln is just so...blah. At first. He doesn't participate in his own life. It just sort of happens to him: his old girlfriend, college, moving home, his job. He's much to casual about it all. The only thing he's attached to is his old girlfriend who dumped him 8 million years ago. I even had a picture of him in my mind: a skinny, little dude, rather insignificant. It wasn't until about half-way through that I found out that I was wrong about him. People kept referring to him as 'a tank.' It was about the same time that he developed a personality. I can't help but wonder if this was intentional, that Lincoln had no physical presence until he had a emotional one. Whatever the reason, it made for difficult reading up until that point. I couldn't see Lincoln until he was being seen through another's eyes.

Once I was over that hump, I was completely involved in the story. I started to love Lincoln and want him to get the girl and the life he deserved. The secondary characters really came alive at this point as well: Eve, Justin, Doris. The more he connected to people the more interested in him I became.

The story is told by alternating between Lincoln's own thoughts and the emails sent by Beth and Jennifer. It was very clever, though I think some suspension of disbelief by the reader has to occur. (Those are some long personal emails- couldn't they have gone for coffee?) The emails are pretty entertaining; no wonder Lincoln couldn't stop reading. There were a few things I thought were a bit off but once I got going, I breezed through it. Overall, it's a sweet, romantic story with the twist of a male protagonist.



  1. This one sounds perfect for escaping into reading. I wouldn't ordinarily read this, but the presentation style has me curious.

  2. I'll have to remember that this one starts off slow but is worth sticking with.

  3. Sounds interesting. I will have to keep it in mind.

  4. I've seen this book around and always wondered what it's about. I think I'll add this to my tbr list. Thanks!


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