My Bookish Box Set: Those Crazy Immortals

The origins of this feature:

Every so often I get emails from a certain big box bookstore that I've purchased from in the past with the declaration, "If You Liked...., Then You'll Like...." The trouble is I often wonder how these books are related. Who made the decision that these books are similar enough that having liked one, I'll like the other? Was it a real person? Or a computer generated list?

I've thought about this form of marketing and believe I know a few books that belong together. If there was a box set of related books, like they do those movies at Halloween or Valentine's Day, these are the ones I'd choose to package together.

Those Crazy Immortals Box Set

Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Philips

A group of Greek gods are living in a run down apartment in London with nothing to do. Even though they aren't worshiped by humans the way they would like, they can't resist meddling in the love affairs of mortals.

My review of Gods Behaving Badly

Motorcycles and Sweetgrass by Drew Hayden Taylor

A mysterious stranger appears in the town of Otter Lake riding a 1953 Indian Chief motorcycle. He is looking for a little bit of fun and he can't help it if he unleashes mayhem while he's at it.

My review of Motorcycles and Sweetgrass

On the surface these seem like wildly differing books, what does the great city London and a tiny native community in Canada have in common? Well, ancient gods apparently. Immortal beings getting all up in humans' business, especially when it comes to love. Hilarious results. There's also the underlying theme of faith and belief, with an appearance or two of that JC guy. One thing though, Motorcycles and Sweetgrass doesn't have as many sexy times as Gods Behaving Badly.


  1. Ooh, excellent choice! I've read, and loved, both of them. They both have a humor infused in them, with the ancient gods. I wonder if there is a third book that would fit with them?

  2. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Gods Behaving Badly. I will have to read the other one. I wrote it down when you reviewed it and my library has it. Now to find time to request and read it!


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