Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Look What I Bought

Well, well, well, looky here. I bought some books. I did a used book store raid this week and here's what I picked up.

No your eyes do not deceive you, those are Harlequin romances. I have a craft project in mind for them but first I will read them. They were 2 for 99 cents. I do want to know What the Librarian Did. It sounds very entertaining. The other one is Cruel Lord Cranham. I wonder if he's related to Bad Bad Leroy Brown. I bet he's the cruelest man in the whole damn town.

The Sea Change is not the recent novel by Jeremy Page. This is a much older book by Elizabeth Jane Howard. I bought it because of the title, they tend to stick in my head. And a little birdy (in a crown) told me Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters is quite good. I love the shoes on the cover. I also picked up Affinity at the library for Andi's readalong.

I'm continuing re-reading Jane Eyre and just got through Lowood School. I'll post my thoughts on that later in the week.I just found out that the movie is a "limited release" and I'm afraid that my town won't be picked to view it. I'm crossing my fingers that it will.

In other news, I've actually started using my Goodreads account regularly. I neglected it for so long it took me hours to put all my books in it last month. I've been making an effort to keep it up and make sure to put my books in it when I get them. So far, so good. If you're on Goodreads, here's where you can find me.

What's happening in your reading world today?


  1. Well, you have a good excuse {cough} to read some Harlequins. Enjoy! If possible. :-)

    I added you as a friend on Goodreads. I don't use it a lot as I'm really a Shelfari person myself.

  2. What The Librarian Did is actually pretty good. It was well reviewed at Dear Author.

  3. A craft project with books? I'm intrigued!

  4. Well now, I want to know what the librarian did too. I bet it was nice and naughty. :) That dirty girl.

    I love a good romance novel every now and then. So wonderfully decadent.

  5. Tipping the Velvet might be a good buddy read at some point... We will have to read something together this year. It's fun!

    I started using my Goodreads more, too. It's not correct. I have more books than are on there, but it's a start!

  6. Oops, Jane Eyre is a limited release? I'm afraid then that my town may not be on the list either. :(

    I wish I could reread Jane Eyre too. I really enjoyed reading that book in high school.

  7. Leeswammes- I never signed up for Shelfari but I have both LT and Goodreads accounts.

    Sassy- I thought I saw it somewhere else before.

    Kathy- I'll post about it once I try it.

    Trisha- I do too. Nothing wrong with a little romance.

    Kelly- We are, remember? Sisters Red.

    Aths- That's what my theatre site says anyway. I won't know until next week if it's coming or not.

  8. I want to know what the librarian did, too! I bet it was naughty.

    Sooo tickled that you're in on the Affinity readalong. Woot!


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