Oat-Molasses Bread

On Thursday, Joy from The Herbed Kitchen mentioned molasses bread. From that moment on, it was all I could think about. Since it was a snow day for the girl, I knew we weren't going far for awhile. There was lots of time to make bread, which would be a perfect accompaniment to the stew I had in the slow cooker.

Google is a friend of mine when it comes to cooking. How did our moms live without it? The search results for molasses bread gave me a number of options but I went with the recipe for Oats and Molasses Bread from Canadian Living magazine. I like that it has oats in it. It makes it quite hardy. At first I was worried it wasn't rising enough but I didn't have to; it turned out two nice loaves. It was delicious with the stew but even better the next day with some freezer jam slathered on it.


I have a question for you Foodies. I have my favorite recipes all over the place: here on the blog, saved to my hard drive, bookmarked, in cookbooks and in magazines all over the house. I tend to use them a lot but never remember where I put them. What I want to do is copy them to my computer with the photos I've taken and maybe print them out. I'm looking for an easy program to do it. I want it to be as easy as writing a blog post. Just an initial setup and then *blamo!* I'm good to go. Do you have a suggestion for how to do this?


  1. I'd like to do the same thing, so please write up a post if you find a great program!

  2. The bread looks marvelous! No help on the program, but I'll be interested to know if you find something. What I'm doing now is low tech -- slipping recipes into vinyl sheet protectors and then in a 3 ring binder.

  3. No idea of a program either...but the bread looks so good.

  4. I've used Master Cook to do this in the past. It has a grab from the Web feature. I'm the opposite. I find I'd rather print out the recipe and photo and paste them into a notebook.

    Anyway, I like the sound of that bread. Oatmeal bread always makes the best toast and is so yummy with homemade jam.

    Oh don't you love the Herbed Kitchen?

  5. I agree - Google is amazing when it comes to looking up substitutes fro recipes and recipes!

  6. The idea of oats and molasses bread sounds so good right now.

    I have all the recipes I've gathered from the web on Word, including pictures. Within Word I have one big folder titled Food and then lots of smaller categories (Soups, Bread, Appetizers, etc.). It's probably not as good as a regular recipe software but it works for me. Because I like printed things, I plan to take some of the best recipes up to Kinkos (or an office supply place) and have them printed and spiral bound into a little book. It's much easier to use on the kitchen counter. That is one of those projects I'm saving for someday.

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  8. I used to make homemade bread all the time, but haven't lately. That picture makes me want to start again!

    I use the easiest and most convenient way I could think of for storing my recipes and their photos. I keep them in a folder on my desktop that has different folders inside for each category. May not be the best way, but it works for me. My motto is "the simpler, the better".

  9. Your bread looks delicious-love homemade bread with jam. I use google all time for recipe searches as well. I love technology most of the time.

  10. If anyone has an iPad, the Paprika app is pretty cool.

  11. I've never had molasses bread, I wonder if I can vegan it up? This looks absolutely divine and perfect for a wintery day.

  12. Kathy- I'll see what I can do.

    Joy & Caite- Thanks!

    Beth Fish- I'll check it out, thanks. The Herbed Kitchen is great and I love that she's local.

    Sheila- Google is great for that!

    Margot- Thanks I'll check it out. I suspect this will be a big project.

    Ellie- I just started making bread within the last couple of years. I was intimidating by it for so long.

    Peaceful & Jill- Thanks!

    Coffee- I don't know but give it a try

  13. If you have Microsoft Office, use the OneNote program. It's sort of like a computer version of sticky notes. What I like about it is that it picks up the web sources automatically, so if I have a question about the recipe later, the source is right there. You can set up different categories, so it's easy to search for specific recipes.


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