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Every so often I get emails from a certain big box bookstore that I've purchased from in the past with the declaration, "If You Liked...., Then You'll Like...." The trouble is I often wonder how these books are related. Who made the decision that these books are similar enough that having liked one, I'll like the other? Was it a real person? Or a computer generated list?

I've thought about this form of marketing and believe I know a few books that belong together. If there was a box set of related books, like they do those movies at Halloween or Valentine's Day, these are the ones I'd choose to package together.  Hopefully, I'll be making this a new feature.

The Quirky Lady Box Set

Come, Thou Tortoise by Jessica Grant

Audley (Oddly) Flowers returns to Newfoundland after her father is struck by a Christmas tree. Audley sees the world quite differently than other people do. This causes her a lot of confusion.

My review of Come Thou, Tortoise
The Brontes Went to Woolworths by Rachel Ferguson

The Carnes sisters live in a world of their own imagination. They play odd games of make believe that leave other people confused if they aren't in on the joke.

My review of The Brontes Went of Woolworths

Notice how I used "confuse" and "odd" to describe both books. Those are running themes in both stories. The oddity of the women either cause themselves or others confusion. It's makes for interesting plot developments.

So if you liked quirky ladies or have read one but not the other, you might like to give these books a look-and-see.


  1. A lot of times I can't see the connection between the books I buy and the ones in my emails, but sometimes they get it right... This is a fun idea for a feature, though!

  2. K- Thanks! I started thinking about it after I got an email where the only thing the books had in common were that they were written by women. I thought that was offensive to women authors.

  3. I get those too and I usually go huh? :)

  4. I'm a quirky lady, so I'll have to look for those books! Great new feature!

  5. Most often, I buy books from what I've seen on blogs or heard from bibliophiles. Like you, it makes me nervous if they're computer generated just to get me to buy something. I'm so distrustful of any 'systems' these days, do you think it could be part of getting older?

    Hope your injured knee (which I think I saw on Twitter?) is feeling fine. Gotta love Winter! xo

  6. nice post.. thanks for your info

  7. Sheila- They're usually weird combos.

    Kathy- lol! Hope you like them.

    Bellezza- Yeah I wonder if it's just what they want to sell that week and not related to my likes at all. (PS- I'm ok. Just a couple of bruises.)

  8. Toootally want to read Brontes! The other one looks good too! Could you do my "if you liked..." suggestions permanently, Chris? ;)


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