Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Shiny Happy People

Hello darlings! How are you this Happy Sunday? Let's all take a deep with good air...out with the bad. All better now? Good. Let's all stay in our happy place this week. Maybe some positive energy can change all the negativity out there in the virtual world.

After a book drought, I had a nice sprinkling of books this week. First, I picked up Splendor (a Luxe novel) at the bookstore. It was on sale and I couldn't resist a cover with that dress on it. I still haven't read The Luxe though. Soon. In the mail, I received India Black for a blog tour in March (thanks Teddy), Arranged which I won (thanks Martina) and Altar of Bones which appeared unexpectedly. All are too beautiful not to photograph.

Another thing that arrived in the mail this week was March's Martha Stewart Living in which she declares "It's time to start planting!" Oh Martha, I wish. We've had more snow in the last two weeks than we've had in the last two years. It's insane! I can't even see my garden at this point for all the snow that's piled on it. It hasn't stopped me from thinking about what I want to plant come spring. I'm dreaming of radishes and lettuce.

I just started reading Motorcycles and Sweetgrass which I thought was going to be a serious book with deep thoughts because of the title. However, it's funny and quirky! I'm really enjoying it. Have you ever had that happen? Think a book was going to be one think because of the title but it's something else altogether?

Now I couldn't embed Shiny Happy People but how about Furry Happy Monsters instead. They're better anyway.


  1. Splendor does have a beautiful cover! I haven't read Luxe either.

  2. Funny. The same Martha magazine is on my post today, and I am approaching it as a hope springs eternal type thing. Winter can't go on forever! Happy reading!

  3. I hope all of your books are wonderful!

  4. I hope you enjoy all your new books. Thank you so much for Furry Happy Monsters. I love R.E.M. This really made me smile and laugh!

  5. Shelly- It's one of those 'someday' books.

    Frances- Seeing it makes me antsy for spring.

    Kathy- Thanks!

    Teddy- Cute, aren't they?

  6. I wonder what Martha would do with all that snow that prevented her from her spring planting?

    I may check out Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, I like quirky books

  7. The Luxe series is pretty fun and catty!


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