Challenge Roundup for January

The first month of the new year: done. That's hard to believe but true. It wasn't a record for reading but for challenges I did well.

For the 4th Canadian Reading Challenge I read two books, Dead Politician Society and Jane of Lantern Hill. Very different books but very Canadian. That brings my total up to ten. I'm way ahead of schedule!

I began the Nordic Challenge last month and already read two books, Iceland and The Summer Book. That's a good start.

Luckily, Iceland counts for the Audio Book Challenge because that was it. As for the Foodie's Reading Challenge, no books read for that yet. I want to find a cookbook to review but don't know what I want. I'll figure it out.

I read The Flight of the Falcon in January for The Daphne du Maurier Challenge. Participants are still plugging away at it too. Every Book and Cranny compares du Maurier's The Birds to Hitchcock's film version. She Reads Novels loved The House on the Strand. Jess from Park Benches & Bookends didn't love The Parasites. The Book Nook found Hungry Hill absorbing. Great thoughts on all these books guys! Remember if you participate in The Daphne du Maurier Challenge leave your links on the Review Blog so I can add your links here every month.

That was it for January. How were your reading challenges for January?


  1. Now that the year's 1/12th over, I need to get hot with my challenges!

  2. All those titles of Daphne's make me want to join! I love her work, just wonder if I have the time...your blog looks lovely, as always.


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