This Old Thing? Seven Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

It's been awhile since my last This Old Thing post. Today I have Seven Tales by H.C Andersen translated by Eva Le Gallienne. This one is quite old (1959). It was a library sale find and a discard. Unfortunately in has "Discarded" stamped all over the inside. No fair! It has some gorgeous illustrations inside in colour and black and white by Maurice Sendak. It seems like a sweet edition with standards like The Princess and the Pea and The Ugly Duckling. I'm thinking I'll read it for the Nordic Challenge.

Though we all know the stories, have you ever read Hans Christian Andersen? As a child or to your children? What's your favorite?

Here's something to get stuck in your head for the day. I remember seeing this movie as a kid.


  1. I don't remember which fairy tale was my favorite, however, as an adult I find the history of fairy tales fascinating. The way fairy tales changed over the years is very interesting.

  2. I love fairy tales. Anderson was always a favourite. I got a brand new collected edition of his stories a few years ago. I need to read more of the classics. Nowadays I tend to read fairy tale retellings more than anything.

  3. Oh, too bad about the "discarded" stamps. That's a lovely book.

  4. Man- I'm more interested in them now too.

    Kelly- I'm seeing a lot of retellings. I need to read one.

    Bookfool- I know. I understand why they do it but it makes me crazy.


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