Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Distractions

I feel like I'm crawling into 2011. I know I said I was going to relax but maybe I'm too relaxed. I'm not exactly reading at lightning speed here. I finished Dead Politician Society a couple of days ago but I haven't picked up a book since. I have too many distractions.

I'm not going to count the regular day-to-day stuff that must be done. That's always there. Like I always say, laundry never ends. However, I've picked up a few distractions lately. First, Angry Birds. Have you played this? It's an app for the i-touch and other devices. I played it before 2011 but now I'm addicted. Then I downloaded Zombie Farm and am obsessively checking on my zombies. There's always Twitter for a distraction which leads to other distractions. So electronically I'm covering all the bases. Raych actually read a book about that this week. After I die, I'll donate my brain to science. They'll probably find a bird of some sort in there.

Other projects are keeping me from reading too. I decided to make curtains for a couple of windows. Not that that project has gotten any farther than buying the fabric. Plus, I started a crochet project. Guess what it is? An Angry Bird. Yep, I've lost my mind. In Bloggery, I joined some people in plotting the next Armchair BEA, since I will not be going. That will be fun.

Oh and guess what else? I got a new camera and whenever I decide to leave the premises I'll be trying it out on the world. For now, here's a photo of my kitty.

Well, since this post took me quite some time to write, I might as well count that as a distraction too.

What distractions keep you from reading?


  1. Oh LOTS of things keep me from reading. Right now? Bloghopping for the first time in a week. Though, I'm giving it 10 more minutes then I'm done for the day--one can only be online for so long!

    Other than my Sunday morning computer time? Last weekend we watched the entire The Pacific mini-series. I've been working on quilting stuff. Mommysitting my mom this weekend, recipe scrapbook. Really anything EXCEPT reading! Huh.

    Hope you enjoy your Sunday! Your picture is beautiful. Do you use an editing program to get that coloring?

  2. Trish- Sounds like you're pretty busy. My new camera has built in filters. I think this one was Pinhole filter.

  3. Cool!! What kind of camera? Is it an Olympus? Seems my friend has neat settings like that.

  4. Distracted is my middle name. Mindless surfing the Internet is my main distraction. I wonder what I did before the Internet. Probably mindless surfing of the TV. . . .

  5. Don't even get me started on laundry!!

  6. I've been very distracted because of some personal things in my life that no one really wants to hear about. I've heard so much about Angry Birds addictions that I'm going to steer clear of that one.

  7. Right now building bookshelves is my distraction from reading. What is that? Irony?

  8. Ahhh, everything internet related prevents me from reading. Bad internet, arch nemesis and precious all in one!

  9. OMG you're making a crocheted angry bird?? You have to promise pictures when you're finished! I haven't played the app but I've seen it and that will be adorable :p

  10. OH MY GOD! I'm a total Angry Birdophile. I downloaded the seasonal one. Think Halloween pumpkins and Christmas birds. So funny. And I think you're the only person I've seen mention Zombie Farm--I love that game. Cut the Rope is by the makers of Angry Birds and I like it even better. So cute and funny and simple. Yay!

    Sorry, I guess the point of this post was not to try to add to your distractions. Oops! lol

  11. Aww, hi kitty!

    I have heard of Angry Birds, but I am staying far far away. I need another distraction like a I need a hole in the head. I am addicted to Color Junction.

    Supposedly I am starting this new thing where I get off the computer at 9 so I can focus, and not have that distraction, but at least for today, that is not looking very promising.

  12. Trish- Yes, it is an Olympus!

    Kristy- The Internet was invented to make distractions.

    Lola- Could be worse, we could have to wash ii in the river.

    Kathy- I hope things get better for you.

    John- That is irony!

    Christina- It's a love/hate thing.

    Chris- Yes I am! I just started it though. It might be awhile.

    Andi- My husband has the seasonal one too. I did play cut the rope (the froggy is cute!) but not like Angry Birds. And hurrah for Zombie Farm!

    Nicole- Well, you have good intentions. ;)

  13. Cute kitty photo!

    Plants vs Zombies distracts me from reading. And blogs. And knitting. It's hard to believe, nothing used to.

  14. I don't have an iPod/iPhone/iWhatever, so I have not yet been entrapped by the Angry Birds. My husband's entrapped enough for us both, though :-). My biggest distraction from reading? Blogging, easily - especially right now, when I'm trying to get posts stockpiled for the first couple of weeks after my shoulder surgery this coming Friday.

    I'm glad you'll be working on Armchair BEA this year!

  15. Twitter and Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook have been my biggest distractions. I am an Angry Birds fan, but can't say I'm addicted. I can't get past a certain level, so I just quit.

  16. My big distractions have been cleaning/purging and a stomach virus. The latter has had me down for the count for about 3 days, now. The worst of it's over, but I still don't have any focus.

    Angry Birds . . . not going near that. I've heard it's addictive from other people.

  17. Actually...I have been reading more than ever except for Sunday and Monday when I had a really bad tummy flu and I only wanted to moan...I will get distracted soon, vice is bigfish hidden object addictive...


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