Challenge Roundup for December

Hello New Year! Hello New Challenges! Yes, like a sucker I signed up for a few new reading challenges. I think I can handle these ones though.

First up, Foodie's Reading Challenge hosted by Margot. For now I'm in for Nibbler which is 1-3 food related books.

I also signed up for Audio Book Challenge hosted by Teresa. I'm going to try for Curious (3 books) for now.

Finally, Zee is hosting The Nordic Challenge and again I'm signing up for the lowest level Freya 3-5 books. I already have Ice Land by Betsy Tobin read. I just have to review it.

As for the ongoing challenges...

I read three books in December for The 4th Canadian Books Challenge bringing my total to date to 8: The Blue Castle, Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens and An Orange from Portugal.

My own Daphne du Maurier Challenge was ignored once again. I will read something this month. Promise. The Book Nook read The Flight of the Falcon which I do plan on reading soon.

So how were your reading challenges for December?


  1. Thanks for the mention:). Good luck with your challenges, they sound so interesting!

  2. Welcome to the Nordic Challenge!


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