Bloggiesta Update

funny pictures - George loved the tequilaquarium, especially the prize at the bottom.

Whew! After 12 hours, I've gotten a couple of things done for Bloggiesta. I had a problem with my blog header which had me pulling out my hair. I uploaded a new photo but it was all blurry. I deleted it, fiddled with it, uploaded again. Still blurry. I Googled my problem and it turns out it's a recent Blogger issue. So I used Photobucket to host the photo instead. So much clearer! Keep that in mind if you are using or viewing Blogger... or lay off the Tequila if you aren't!

I mentioned awhile back that I made my blog mobile friendly. If you are using Blogger, find out how to do it on WapReview. I love how mine turned out.

I did make my lemon squares. I cheated a little and made them from a mix but I'm looking forward to them.

Jen at Devourer of Books is hosting a mini-challenge on Google forms. I've used them in the past and it makes contests and challenges so much easier. Fill this one out just for fun!

Now I'm off to do some more blog work!


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