Bloggiesta Update Numero Dos

funny dog pictures - Uzed  tu  be  enuff  for  me  tu  sit  an  beg.  Nao  u  wantz  me  tu  du  teh Macarena.

How sad is it that I had to look up 'numero dos'? Oh well, I took French in school.

So. Bloggiesta Day Two has gone rather well. I cleaned up my Google Reader. I made folders! Wahoo! I also put some books in Goodreads and stopped ignoring all those 'Be My Friend' messages. I might actually use it now.

I'm rocking the new look of my blog. (Yay, me! *toot-toot* That's me tooting my own horn.) If you are curious, I made the background with Dg Patterns. You can customize a background to suit your needs. The new icons for RSS, Twitter and Tumblr, I found on Softicons. They have some beautiful sets there.

Now for Wordlily's mini-challenge!

  1. Read the post, 10 Things Bloggers Should Not Do.
  2. Rate yourself (on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being muy excellente) on each point. How are you doing?
  3. Brainstorm examples of what you can/will do to improve your ratings in those areas that could use improvement. And/or:
  4. If you feel you’re doing particularly great in one area, share examples of how you’ve reached such excellence.

1. You Must Not Expect Results Overnight: I'm not too bad with this one, though I do get impatient when I make changes. I think everyone should notice right away. 3/5

2. You Must Not Ignore Your Readers: I hope I don't do this. I know I'm not the best commenter but I try to be helpful and (possibly) entertaining. I appreciate all my readers. 4/5

3. You Must Not Scrape Another Bloggers Content: This should be an easy one but surprisingly people do this, sometimes naively believing it's how things are done. Always ask permission to use someone's content and be polite if they say no. 5/5

4. You Must Not Expect Success Without Promoting: I try to promote my blog without being a pain in the butt about it. I could always improve. 4/5

5. You Must Not Be Another Blogger: What you see is what you get. 5/5

6. You Must Not Fail To Update Your Blog Regularly: I'm here every week. Same bat time, same bat channel.

7. You Must Not Ignore SEO: Um....yeah.... not totally aware if I'm doing this. 2.75/5

8. You Must Not Ignore Networking: Well, I'm on the Twitter and the Tumblr now. If you follow me, you will be sick of me. 4.5/5

9. You Must Not Have An Unreadable/Unnavigable Site: *Looks around* Seems all okay to me. What do you think though? You are the one that matters! 4/5

10. You Must Not Throw Mud Around: You know what they say about mud, can't throw it around without getting some on yourself. 5/5

That's it for now! 


  1. I think SEO confuses us all!

    And yeah, you background rocks, your whole blog has a great vibe.

    Hope you archive all of your goals.

  2. Love the new look and thanks for making me laugh! :)

  3. Beautiful blog! And I have really enjoyed reading everybody's response to Hannah's mini-challenge.

  4. It's looking good over here.

    Ha! I am total fail on 8.

  5. I have no idea what SEO is... Uh-oh. Anyway, this post made me laugh. Good luck with the upcoming Bloggiesta challenges. :)

  6. You got a lot done! I made folders for my Google Reader last year, but don't think I did it right, because they really haven't helped me.

  7. I love the look of your blog! The colors go nice together. I'm going to have to head on over and see about those beautiful icons too!

    And I have to agree with you, SEO is confusing. One of these days I'll figure it out too! :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and trying out that new google form I learned to make this weekend! I am so happy it really worked!:-)

    Have fun the rest of the weekend!

  8. I have been pretty bad at keeping up with responding to visitors. And I don't worry about SEO either. I figure, if I write it, people will come. I know, wrong answer, but really, if I get too many visitors, I'll have to pay for more bandwidth and that could be expensive.

    This is just a hobby for me, not a lifestyle, etc.

  9. I love the background! And the new icons -- they really pull everything together.

  10. I love your new blog look!

    I actually have started using Goodreads this week, too. I friended people that asked me forever ago. lol I think we are friends... I don't even know anymore!

  11. I start hearing SEO and tune out. I've decided that being "popular" takes way too much time and energy so I'll just focus on my little tiny corner and be happy with it. Turns out, I am!

    Love the green background--very pretty.


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