Bloggiesta Goals

Hello! Welcome to my Bloggiesta Starting Line post. I have my list of goals ready, do you? I'm sure as I start visiting people I'll find new ones. For now, here's my list. I'll update it throughout the weekend. Good luck to you if you are participating!

  • Play with a new photo for blog header. No thanks to Blogger I managed to get this done.
  • Change background design.
  • Update About Me page.
  • Find Tumblr icon and maybe new Twitter icon.
  • Update Goodreads account.
  • Write a couple of posts.
  • Answer emails (I know, bad me).
  • Clean out inboxes.
  • Work on projects with other bloggers.
  • Get rid of Book Blips links.
  • Brainstorm.
  • Clean up blog subscriptions in Google Reader.
  • Update blog footer.
  • Do some Bloggiesta mini-challenges.
  • Make lemon squares. (Okay, so not blog related but I'm craving them.)
  • Back up blog.
  • Add to this list. ;)
Catch ya later!


  1. Best wishes for your goals, I hope you get them all done!
    Have a fantastic time doing Bloggiesta too!

  2. Great list of stuff to work on, good luck! :-)

  3. I like "brainstorm", hopefully you'll come up with some brilliant ideas concerning your blog (while eating lemon squares ;) Yum!)

  4. Lemon squares sound yummy and will help keep you going - good luck!

  5. I loved your quiz, Chris! Can I ask how you backup your blog? It sounds like a good idea!

  6. Col- If you are Blogger, go to the Dashboard- Settings- Basic. You'll see "Export Blog" click that and download your blog to your computer. It's easy!

  7. Thanks, Chris! I'm learning so much this Bloggiesta.


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