Post Christmas/ Pre New Year Thoughts

So I was going to write a couple of reviews but I'm suffering from Christmas brain. I would rather just ramble about my New Years Blog/Reading resolutions.

First off, if you've noticed, I changed my blog template a bit. I still have Ye Olde Bookmark at the top because it's unique to my blog (I hope). But the red was starting to bother me especially when people commented on how Christmasy it looks! So I'm going with green. Green is my favorite color anyway. And let me tell you how much I like Picnik by Picasa. You can do a lot of funky stuff to your photos with it.

Like this!

It's that time of year when everyone makes their resolutions and why should I be any different.

  • I will read from my shelves. I looked at them today and realized that there were still review books from the beginning of the year. I also have books I won, were given or borrowed that I haven't read. 
  • Use my ebook reader more. I think I only read half a dozen books on my ebook reader. Sometimes I see the newest in readers and think, "ooooooh, me wanty!" but then I remember how I hardly ever use the one I have.
  • Don't feel bad about saying no. I've limited my accepting of pitched books lately but I feel bad about it, especially if it's from someone I know. I wonder if they'll ever offer me anything again. But if I'm not interested, I shouldn't feel bad.
  • Read more classics. I love to read books from ages ago but wish I could read them more often. I want to read Vindication of the Rights of Women for A Year of Feminist Classics and now I believe I will.
  • Relax about stuff. This encompasses a lot of things. I'm not going to stress about not posting, or what to post or all that jazz. Relax about what other people are doing, like BEA. It's not practical for me to spend thousands to travel to a city I've never seen in another country so I'm not going to think about it. I hope those who go have fun and I'd like to meet them but it's not going to happen right now.
  • At the same time, try new things. I'm going to try new things with blogging, if they don't work I can change them back.
  • Have more fun with my reviews. I'm not getting paid here. I don't have to be all serious. I enjoy blogging more when I can be creative.
  • Blogging is not the only thing. I like to do other things. I have a family. This is my hobby. I've tried to make it into something else but let's face it: I'm not a super big deal and I'm not going to make millions with a book deal and TV show.
 So if 2011 has a theme it's RELAX.


      1. Great goals, Chris! I suspect you will be much happier if you go through with these things! :) I wont' be going to BEA either, it IS expensive and there are other priorities. ;)

      2. I'm looking forward to reading Vindication again in January. I read it in colleges years back and have fond memories of it.

        As far as BEA goes, lol, I live in the states and it is still an exorbitant amount of money. Don't get me wrong I would love to go (I mean who wouldn't?) but NYC is pricy on an off-day. And I don't think I could stay in a hostel. I'd be too self conscious about my snoring!!

      3. What a great bunch of goals!

        I am so with you on reading from the shelves. I have tons and tons of books that get pushed aside for newer books and feel guilty about that.

        Best of luck with 2011!

      4. I'm so glad you're reading Vindication with us! Also, I kind of should tattoo "relax about stuff" in my forehead, just so I keep being reminded.

        I love the blog's new look :)

      5. Dude, I hear you on that BEA thing. Missing out always made me super-sad. I feel like so many rad bookish things are happening in the States all the time, and here in Canada we have...what. A couple of library sales.

      6. Great post -- I'm with you on many of the same goals for 2011.

      7. I love the green and the goals. I've started working on my 2011 reading goals, but this reminds me I still need to work on that list of blogging goals. Will miss you at BEA--I'd love to meet IRL sometime!

      8. I'm doing a lot of backing off this year too. Learning to relax again in blogging. I hope this year goes well for you!

      9. I'm right with you. I'm relaxing this year too and am planning to read mostly from my shelves (there are always a few new books that I will want to get my hands on). At this time I'm not even planning to sign up for any challenges. It's a good plan.

      10. I think it's great that you did a post on what your blogging goals are... you're right, sometimes the pressure to write an authentic and well written review gets overwhelming so I think relaxation is key when it comes to blogging. I'm hoping to do more video blogs in the new year... less pressure that way ;)

      11. I think it's great that you did a post on what your blogging goals are... you're right, sometimes the pressure to write an authentic and well written review gets overwhelming so I think relaxation is key when it comes to blogging. I'm hoping to do more video blogs in the new year... less pressure that way ;)

      12. I never thought of your header as Christmasy, but I love it either way.

        Love your resolutions! I've pondered BEA and I keep coming up with similar thoughts. If I'm going to spend a lot of money flying to a big city, I'd rather go to London or somewhere else that I absolutely love. Meeting other bloggers would be great, but I just don't think that's the best way, at least at this time in my life.

        And, I have GOT to relax about the blog. Saying no is hard! Good for you. I should adopt that resolution not to feel guilty saying "no".

      13. I like the green (it's my favorite color, too). And relax is a good motto for 2011...although I've been singing that damn Frankie Goes to Hollywood song all day, thanks to you!

      14. Amy- I guess I'm not the only one then. ;)

        Christina- I've read it before but I've wanted to since university.

        April- Now that I can see all my books on my new shelves I realize how much I already have.

        Nymeth- I can't wait to read it too! I think I have it on my ebook reader.

        Raych- But they're really rad library sales. ;)

        Suzanne- Thanks!

        Rebecca- Thanks, I'd like that too.

        Amanda- It can get overwhelming at times.

        Lori- I'm only going to say yes to books I'm already interested in.

        Dawn- Thanks.

        Reederreads- That will be fun to see!

        Bookfool- Yes, I think if I go anywhere it will be with my husband and for something we can both enjoy. He works really hard at a stressful job. I would feel bad leaving him behind.

        Jill- Relax! Don't do it.....

      15. Great goals. You're right about blogging being a hobby and being fun. If you put too much pressure on yourself it won't be fun anymore... what a shame that would be!

      16. I like your blogging resolutions. A lot. :)

      17. Good luck with your goals. I love the theme of 2011 - 'Relax'. Have a wonderful new year :)

      18. I'm right there with ya -- relaxing.

      19. Love your goals! Some of mine are quite similar. I really need to read from my shelves more. I feel guilty about spending money I don't have on books and then not reading them! lol. I've only been blogging for 6 months and I'm already feeling like I need to remember that blogging isn't the only thing in my life. Important thing to remember!

      20. A lot of your goals are goals I have as well. I hope you have a great 2011, blogging and non-blogging wise. (Are those even words?)

      21. I'm seeing this relax goal a lot lately; I too am one of those book bloggers who's become stressed by trying to keep up and such so that blogging and reviewing isn't a fun as it used to be. Along with you and many others, I hope to put things in perspective and remember why I started all this in the first place: for fun and passion.

      22. I'm with you on the "relax about stuff" and "blogging is not the only thing" goals. I'm just trying to take reading and the blog one day at a time.

      23. Right on with the goal of relaxing!


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