Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Nothing But Nonsense

This time next week it will be Boxing Day. Ready or not Christmas will come and go. I hope Santa will be good to you. (I hope he will be good to me!)

Right now I'm reading Hercule Poirot's Christmas. So far no one has been murdered though I think "Mr Burns" (not really his name but this guy could be Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons) is going to get it in the parlor with the candlestick. He isn't very squirriferous. Poirot still hasn't arrived either and I'm 50 pages in. I hope something happens soon.

This week I reviewed Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly. After telling about a million people I loved it, I wrote my review. Then I re-read what I wrote and it didn't sound like I liked it at all! But I did! I guess that is the nature of my reviews. It's a lot easier to discuss the things I didn't like about a book than find the right words to describe what I liked. I'll have to work on that.

Also on the blog this week, I posted about my Book Blogger Santa and my Virtual Advent Tour. Jane Austen had her birthday (did you buy her a present?) and Sourcebooks had some difficulties giving away some books. They were quick to find solutions and listened to criticism.

At home, I made Slow-Cooker Pear and Apple Butter. It was delicious with pancakes! The girl is home from school now and I'm thinking we'll be doing some baking and crafts together. Got any ideas for us?

And if you just can't get enough of my rambling, I signed up for Tunblr. I'm just getting used to it and mostly just post whatever nonsense I find on the internets or pops into my head. Want to join me?


  1. I'll be the last person standing when it comes to Tumblr, I swear. ;)

    Enjoy your holidays Christina. I can't believe Christmas is THIS Saturday. Where did the year go?

    And the pear-apple butter? OMG.

  2. This is the second time this weekend I have heard the term Boxing Day. How is it that I've gone through thirty plus years of life having never heard it, and now twice?? Pure silliness!

  3. I thought about joining Tumblr, but bermudaonion is already taken!


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