Challenge Roundup for November

Not much was read this month let alone challenge books. I was NaNoWriMo'ing. When I looked back on November, I realized I only read a couple of books. That made me a little sad. : ( So my challenges still stand for October.

But my Daphne duMaurier Challenge peeps are putting me to shame. Lots of reviews have been added to the review site if you haven't had a look. Buried in Print read Flight of the Falcon, 'a good, old-fashioned creepy tale.' Coffee and a Book Chat read the short stories of Daphne du Maurier from a beautifully illustrated copy of Classics of the Macabre. She was very impressed with The Apple Tree. I loved that one too. Mel at The Reading Life found Jamaica Inn to be an exciting read. Giraffe Days enjoyed the short stories of du Maurier as well.

Thanks for leaving your links guys!

Next month I hope to add a few titles to my challenge roundup.

Since I have nothing to share, how about a video? Here is Daphne du Maurier discussing a Jamaica Inn with a bit of the film.


  1. Oooh, that was a fun video clip! It woke up little Isabel, who was totally ruining my blog-hopping by sleeping in the crook of my left arm, so now I can type. Thank you for that. Jamaica Inn is one of my favorite DuMaurier books. I didn't know there was a movie.

  2. I actually had forgotten about your challenge. I should have joined in, I guess, because I actually read a couple of her books this year and hope to get to more soon!

  3. Bookfool- Tell Isabel I am sorry. :)

    Kelly- Join in anytime. Put your links on the review site too. I'm not fussy.

  4. I have had the most fun time with this challenge so far -- it's going to be tough to return the illustrated book back to the library, though!! :)


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