This Old Thing: The Darling Buds of May

Library sales are the sales that keep on giving. This is yet another purchase of the last library sale. The next one is coming up soon. What goodies will I find then?! I bought The Darling Buds of May without knowing a thing about it. I just liked the cover. It reminds me of Monty Python. They're all kinda cute! Here's a summary: 
Introducing the Larkins, a family with a place in popular mythology. Here they come, crashing their way through the English countryside in the wake of Pa, the quick-eyed, golden-hearted junk-dealer, and Ma, with a mouthful of crisps and a laugh like a jelly.
The Darling Buds of May is the first book in the Pop Larkin Chronicles. There was a TV series in the UK based on the books in the 1990s with Catherine Zeta-Jones. Did anyone see it? Was it any good?

It sounds like it will be a fun story!

(This Old Thing is an occasional blog feature where I highlight an older book I've bought.)


  1. I never saw the series, but the book sounds cute.

  2. The TV show was massive in its day and loads of ppl watched it. I watched a couple of episodes but I think I was abit young for them, it was gentle sunday evening viewing from what I remember. I had no idea it was a book.

  3. I LOVE library sales. This book looks like fun!

  4. I'm a big fan of library book sales, too! I just went to one a few weeks ago :)


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