Read-a-thon Wordle

A What-le? No, a Wordle. What's a Wordle? This is a Wordle.

Reading Through Life wants a Wordle for this hour's Mini-Challenge. My Wordle is from my review of Eat Pray Love. That was fun!

I've finished another book: Moving Pictures which brings my total to 2.


  1. Love this challenge and I love the font & colors you chose. Beautiful!

    Keep up the great reading! You're doing great! The pumpkin pie will no doubt help til late! :o)

    -Your friendly Read-a-thon Cheerer "Danielle" aka The1stdaughter from There's A Book

  2. great job on the read-a-thon and i LOVE wordle. i use it with my students. they pull out themes, characters, and exposition from novels and create their own unique works of art. :) it's cool to see how different each can be (font, color, layout) even though we are using the same novels.


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