The Princess Bride Readalong: Milestone 4

Welcome to week 4 of The Princess Bride Readalong! We will be discussing Milestone 4 this week. Please see this post for the full schedule. If you haven't read up to this point, remember beyond this paragraph there may be spoilers. 

We come to the end of The Princess Bride this week. Next week, we'll discuss Buttercup's Baby. I'm a little leery of it, as it's only a chapter of a non-existent book. Oh Mr Goldman, do you ever stop playing tricks?

So... Fezzik and Inigo have difficulties finding Westley since the passageway to the torture chamber is riddled with booby traps. They use their skills to defeat the traps but find that Westley is dead. Inigo has a plan. They take Westley to Miracle Max. Remember him? He was the last miracle man fired by the King. Max makes up a concoction to restore life to Westley but it's unclear how it will affect him or how long it will last.

Westley comes to life but has little use of anything other than his mouth. Inigo and Fezzik create a diversion which scares the Brute Squad. The noise also gets the attention of Humperdinck who hurries the wedding along. Buttercup is now a married woman. Da-da-dum! She falls into despair and attempts to kill herself but Westley stops her. Reunited again!

Inigo gets his revenge after being stabbed by Count Rugen. He overcomes his wounds and makes his speech- many times. Count Rugen dies of fear.

Meanwhile, the Prince finds Westley but Westley is clever and talks him into surrender. Buttercup ties Humperdinck up before he discovers Westley's inability to move. Inigo, Buttercup and Westley jump out a window when Fezzik arrives with horses. They make their escape and the story ends.

Finally, we have a lot more happening. I enjoyed Fezzik and Inigo's journey through the passageway and how they handled it. I wonder though- why did they stick with Westley after Inigo finds Rugen? Is it because they are lost without a leader and see one in Westley?

The end of Count Rugen was perfect! Inigo pushing beyond his physical limits to say, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." Very dramatic. And very fitting that he would die of fear since pain and fear was his fascination.

I didn't like how things were left with Prince Humperdinck. That was anti-climatic. It seems strange that neither Inigo or Westley physically destroy the major bad guys. Inigo does so inadvertently and Westley leaves the Prince unharmed.

Miracle Max and Valerie were hilarious. "Love is the best thing in the world, except for cough drops."

Goldman leaves us with 3 choices for endings. His father's of the heroes walking into the sunset,  Morgenstern's end with the heroes being pursued, and Goldman's of the heroes having many more adventures in the future. Which do you prefer? I like the Dad's and that last line: "Buttercup looked at him. 'Oh my Westley, so do I.'"

If you're ending your journey here, I want to thank you for joining me. I enjoyed reading your opinions and thoughts on the book. It was a lot of fun! If not, see you next week for Buttercup's Baby. Leave your thoughts in the comments section or leave a link to your own blog post. I will post them in the body of the post as they arrive.

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  1. I didn't like this portion so much. In my review I forgot to mention Max and Valerie. You're right, they were funny.

    Here's what I thought:

  2. I agree with Leeswammes - this wasn't my favourite part of the book, though it was still fun. I loved the bit about cough drops!

  3. Valerie and Miracle Max were great secondary characters!

    Here are my thoughts on this fourth part

  4. Miracle Max and Valerie were always my favorite: I'm not a witch, I'm your wife! But after all this, I'm not even sure I want to be THAT anymore!

    I like the happily ever after ending, because it just fits the four white horses. It also validates them leaving Humperdinck alive.

    I still don't think I ever found a reason to like Buttercup.

  5. Good point on the manner in which Rugen dies. I hadn't thought about it like that. I prefer Goldman's dad's ending too. It seems perfect.

    My post is here.


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