Let's Do the Readathon Again

Yes, I'm a last minute participant. I hemmed and hawed about joining Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon this time around. You see, it's a long weekend- Thanksgiving here- and I wasn't sure what our plans are. Since I still don't know and I try to do the Readathon when I can I said frig it, I'm signing up anyway. If I participate great, if not the world won't end, right? So now to the books.

  • The Prisoner of Dieppe- This is a new series from Scholastic Canada: I Am Canada. It's the boys' version of "Dear Canada," Canadian history from a boy's point of view.
  • The Tea Shop Girls- The author sent me this book quite a while ago. Looks like a quick read.
  • The Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines- I bought this one at Word on the Street. It's a kid's mystery so it should be fun
  • Bitten- Is the first in the Kelley Armstrong Underworld series. I won this from Random House.
  • The Tower, the Zoo and the Tortoise- This looks like a cute one.
  • Moving Pictures- a graphic novel.
Audiobooks. There will times when I want a break for my eyes or other activities that can't be accomplished with a book in hand will be required of me. That's when the audiobooks come in. I have 2 downloaded already.
  • Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie. This is a romantic retelling of The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. I love the idea of James's story but hate his writing style so maybe I'll enjoy this.
  • The Birthing House by Christopher Ransom. A couple buys an old Victorian house, haunting and possession ensue (because Victorian houses have that effect on people).
My choices in books were ones that I know will be quick but also entertaining. I have a good mix of children and adult books for whatever mood I'm in at the time. I deliberately choose audiobooks that would be suspenseful and hopefully keep me awake.

Next I must plan my snacks! Good luck everyone!

*The little pumpkin boy is a crochet pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.


  1. I STILL need to do my readathon post, as this reminds me.

    Kelley Armstrong is great for a readathon. I find her writing to be quite addicting!

    Good luck if you are able to participate!

  2. Oooh, The Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines AND Bitten! Two of my fave authors!

  3. I'm not doing the readathon here as its thanskgiving, and too much going on, but I will be about to cheer everyone on :)

    Great books in your pile there. Hope you enjoy Bitten, that series is fabulous.

  4. A nice selection of books! This should get you through the read-a-thon (if you manage to do it).

    I'm still dithering what to read but I'll probably do a post tomorrow. Or so. :-)

  5. Came across your blog via your review on Jenns Bookshelf!
    I'm not doing the readathon but I'll be cheering people on!
    Hope you have fun and I enjoyed your review of Sleepy Hollow
    Natalie :0)

  6. I think even if you can only do a few hours, it's still fun to participate. I love pumpkin boy! I'm thinking I need a little mascot too!

  7. Jennifer Crusie writes such good books.

    Good luck on the readathon!

  8. Yay! I won't be reading all readathon because I have a houseguest with a birthday but I will hanging around, cheering, etc.

    I hope you enjoy Kelley Armstrong. I liked the first two books but it was really the later books where my love for this series started!

  9. I love that little crocheted guy. :D Have fun if you get to read! Having an audiobook around sounds like a good idea!

  10. Thanks for the reminder. I just signed up for the first time, but I have to pick up my son from school on Saturday. So, I'll just do what I can, like you. Have fun!

  11. You've got a good mix! I've got a heavy book, some short stories, a graphic novel, and audio books lined up. A bit of variety to hopefully keep things going... Good luck with your snack preparations!

  12. I am not familiar with any of your read-a-thon books. I hope you have fun--I am super excited!

  13. Nice selection. I hope you get to participate!

    It's my first readathon, so I've been trying to figure out what all I need to do before it starts. I think I've just about got my books picked out, which is a good start!

  14. That's a good mix of books! And The Tea Shop Girls is an interesting title.

  15. I've been planning to participate in this read-a-thon for a while now, but like you, I waited to officially formally commit until this week, in case something came up. But it didn't and now I can do my first read-a-thon, yay!

    Sounds like you have some good read-a-thon picks!


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