Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I know not everyone is into Halloween like I am but I can't help myself. How can I not love a holiday that worships chocolate?

I haven't done much reading this week. My mother-in-law is in the hospital and the whole family's thoughts are on her. It's also the week before National Novel Writing Month and I'm trying to mold an idea into a story- a 50,000 word story. I might be crazy to do this! Am I crazy? Yeah, I'm crazy. When I am reading, it's writing related books. I borrowed The Elements of Style from the library and read that very quickly. I'm now into The Writing Life by Annie Dillard. A very different book from Elements.

Annnnnnnd, I finally bought bookcases! Two big ones. My husband and I already set them up and I put all my books in them. I even put them in alphabetical order. Guess what? I have a lot of books! I'll post a photo as soon as I get a chance to take one.


  1. Happy Halloween, Chris! And you're awesome for doing NaNo, not crazy! Best of luck :)

  2. I agree - it's just criminal not to like Halloween, given the position of chocolate AND sugar in the equation! Good luck with NaNo; it sounds like it will be a great experience for those who are taking part!

  3. Happy Halloween, and Yay for NaNo!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh! Organising books in bookshelves, so much fun!
    Hummm, NaNo seems like a big project. Crazy? maybe a little bit, but then the world would be so boring if we were all reasonable! Good luck for it!

  5. National Novel Writing Month?

    That's like National'Land Your Plane Like Sully' Month!

    Best wishes to your mother-in-law.

  6. Yayyy Halloween! We didn't get to do as much this year as we generally do (decorating, etc.). BUT, we did go trick-or-treating last night and the Greyson was "peas in a pod." I've always dreamt of dressing my bebe up that way. SO CUTE!

    Can't wait to see book pics.

  7. Yay for new bookcases :D And good luck on Nano!!!!

  8. I hope your mother in law's doing better. I can't wait to see your bookcases.


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