Fall Favourites: Picture Books

A couple of weeks ago the New York Times made a hullabaloo when it suggested that we parents were no longer buying our kids picture books because we're all pushing them to read War & Peace. I beg to differ. When a 25 page picture book costs twice as much as a 200 page novel, I get Scroogey. Yeah, I know I'm a bad Mom because I consider the contents of my wallet over art. Sorry.

However, when my daughter was born, I was fortunate enough to have a niece just starting school and guess what she brought home? Scholastic book orders. My niece was young enough to get the book orders with picture books and her Mom let me order whatever I wanted. Most of the books are paperback versions of the hardcovers but who cares? Sometimes you can get great deals like their $2 specials. That's how we got Chick-a-Chick-a Boom-Boom. If it wasn't for Scholastic book orders, we wouldn't have all the Mo Williems books we have either.

After my daughter started school, she brought her own orders home. As the kids get older, the book orders change as their reading ability grows. We've made rules about what she can order. 1. No books with toys. We're ordering books not junk. 2. I limit the TV or movie tie-ins. She likes them but I think they are not as well written as the other ones. 3. I have the final say.

Unfortunately, she now has a teacher who doesn't do book orders all that often. I miss them. Of all the things I get hit up to buy from school, I don't mind books.

I loved the seasonal offers, especially the autumn books. All those reds and yellows. We've given away a lot of her picture books to family with younger kids now that she reads chapter books but held onto a few favourites. Here's what I found on the shelf for fall.

The Apple Pie Tree: Explains how an apple gets from a flower to fruit and then into a pie. Yum!

We're Going on a Leaf Hunt: Like We're Going on a Bear Hunt only with leaves. Mentions many species of trees.

Boo!: A Robert Munsch book. A kid makes a scary costume for Halloween.

The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin: The adventures of a square pumpkin. A rhyming book.

The Lonely Scarecrow: My personal favourite. A scary looking scarecrow just wants a few friends. The artwork is gorgeous.

**Not shown because we gave it away is Leaves by David Ezra Stein: A bear is confused by his first fall.**

The last two books are chapter books but since they are also seasonal I thought I'd mention them too.

No More Pumpkins: From the Second Grade Friends series. The kids get sick of pumpkins.

The Thanksgiving Day from the Black Lagoon: Part of the Teacher from the Black Lagoon series. It's more of an American Thanksgiving book but still funny.

Do you have a fall picture book favourite?


  1. I don't remember any fall favorites at all. There were some halloween books we liked but . . . ack. I am getting so old. They had to do with a spider who dressed up. LOL That's all I remember!

    In case you don't moderate comments, I just wanted to let you know I left a comment on your Nano post and added you as a friend. I'm nancytoes at NaNoWriMo.

  2. I just got this from Scholastic (I'm a teacher): Pumpkin Soup. CUTE story with animals, and the kids, especially the girls, just love it.

    On a side note...I can't get my parents to order from Scholastic, even though I send home the order forms once a month. They have like 20 books for $3 or less, and always at least two books for $1. I don't think I'll ever understand how they'll send their children with 75 cents every day to buy ice cream but won't even order them one book. I'm so glad to find moms out there who still appreciate a good, cheap book - and that you put limits on what she can order!

  3. I agree with Katie! Good for you for buying books for your kids and I love your rules! I am a teacher too and I just handed out my Scholastic order today...I was saying how much I disliked those TV show books! On the other hand, at least the parent is actually getting books for their child!

  4. Nancy- Thanks, I saw! Cartoon spiders are about the only spiders I can take.

    Katie- I can't understand that either. Even if it was just one book!

    Kristen- That's true but I hate reading those books to her. If I have to read another Disney book, I will scream!

  5. my son started preschool and he's come home with book orders!! It is a great perk to having him in school. Although it's going to be dangerous.... we too got CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM for $1, on that first book order in fact.

  6. Our family is big on eReaders, but the Kindle doesn't do picture books well, and the iPad is too costly.

    But my parents are thinking of giving my nieces and nephews the new NookColor since it claims to work well with picture books, and since Barnes & Noble has that new Nook Kids collection.

  7. It has been a long time since I looked at picture books but I did want to tell you to explore where the Scholastic Warehouse is in your area.

    Our warehouse used to let the public in the buy from them directly.

    It is worth looking into.


  8. It's not really a "fall" book, but it's about the first day of school and a teacher who looks rather monstrous: The Dreadful Day by James Stevenson.

  9. I forgot to say: Good luch with NaNoWriMo!


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