Chrisbookarama Begins Read-a-thon

Yawn! grumbles I just rolled out of bed for the 24 Hour Read-a-thon which is starting soon. I put my coffee on but I'm still in my pjs. Mmmm, coffee smells gooooood.

So today I might be posting more, though I'll try not to be too annoying. I hope you'll forgive me for today. Since it's Read-a-thon day, I'll be posting The Princess Bride Read-a-long post tomorrow. It will just get lost otherwise. I have it all set up so please come back for that tomorrow.

I'll be checking into Twitter quite often. If you want to follow me there I'm @Chrisbookarama.

Good luck and catch you later!


  1. Good luck to you!
    I don't know what's the weather like where you are, but here it would be just perfect to snuggle all day long with a book in front of the fire...

  2. Mmmm ... coffee ... except it's 2am here - lol. Hope you have a great readathon! :D

  3. Good luck! I need to go make myself some coffee I think!

  4. Oh yes, coffee will definitely be helpful for today. It's my first time participating and I'm looking forward to making a dent in the TBR pile for sure. Happy Read-a-Thon-ing!

  5. Since I totally went a bit brain-dead when it came to marking the date on my calendar, I am unprepared for reading today. Instead, I'm appointing myself as Stealth Cheerleader and I'll be popping around the blogs to see how y'all are doing. Good luck!

  6. Hello! Good luck with your readathon. Enjoy.


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