The Bleeding Dusk by Colleen Gleason: Review

Once again Victoria Gardella tangles with the undead in The Bleeding Dusk by Colleen Gleason, this time in Rome. Bonus: Now with demons.

Victoria is now the leader of the troop of vampire slayers known as the Venators. The vampires of Rome have allied themselves with demons while searching for the keys to a mysterious door, a door leading to an alchemist's lair. What could lie inside that these two warring groups would band together?

After the events of the previous book, Max is AWOL and Sebastian is nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, Victoria needs Sebastian's help and must seek out his vampiric grandfather, the super-sexy Beauregard. But will she be able to resist his charms?

So, this third book in the Gardella series follows the standard protocol with Victoria staking vamps and taking names. When she's not doing that, she enjoys long walks on the beach with various suitors (or shaking it down with Sebastian in dark, hidden places). Max is very damaged after a series of unfortunate events which makes him angsty and therefore much sexier. Oh the brooding hero. There just might be something going on there, we shall see.

The Bleeding Dusk is for readers who like their paranormal with their romance or their romance with their paranormal. If Jane Austen wrote sexy vampire tales involving meddling mothers, demons and carnivals, this would be the book.



  1. LOL-Great review! This series was the ultimate guilty pleasure when I read it last year-so much to snark about and, yet, I just couldn't stop reading the next one...and then the next one...and then well, really, I've already invested so much time already...

  2. That "now with demons" line just cracks me up.

  3. I loved this series. It was just pure fun.

    You changed your header! I'm probably the last one to notice.

  4. I really need to read the last two books in this series. I have been planning to all month but I can't find my copies of them anywhere! I hate when my books are disorganized. :(


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