Word on the Street: Halifax Edition

My first book festival! Ever! I finally did it. Word on the Street is a Canada wide literary festival (Vancouver, Kitchener, Saskatoon, Toronto and Halifax) on September 26, 2010. It's a five hour drive but I convinced my husband we'd make a weekend out of it. We got a room at a hotel with a pool for our little fish. She's fairly easy to please- a pool, a free breakfast and tiny shampoos. We did some shopping too. Sunday- the festival.

I didn't think to take photos but my girl took this one from inside the festival.

At first, I didn't know what to do with myself. Where do I go? What do I do? So I browsed. I bought my daughter a few books. I got acclimated. Then I took in my first discussion panel: Lesley Crewe and Lesley Choyce. It was frickin freezing in that tent! I needed a few more sweaters.

Crewe read from her new book, Her Mother's Daughter and had the audience laughing. Crewe has some fangirls, let me tell you! Next Choyce read from his new book Raising Orion. I'm very interested in reading his books now. He writes both fiction and young adult novels. I thought it was interesting to hear him lament what I hear from other writers and readers, that young adult books get pigeon holed as not serious lit-a-ture. They also discussed what it was like to be a regional author. Pros: fangirls, Cons: lack of national exposure.

After that, I got up the nerve to call Colleen aka Lavender Lines. She was all, "We're over here!" and I was like, "Where?!" I followed my awesome sense of direction (hahaha!) thinking that I shouldn't get too lost. Luckily, I found Colleen fairly easily. She had a bunch of fellow bloggers and twitter folk with her: Amy from Amy Reads, @ @ @ and @ It's nice to meet people that you don't really know when you already have something in common. At this point, I sent the husband and child off on their own. They had a glazed look in their eyes and the husband had just been cornered by a poet lady like a Collie with a wandering sheep.

The next discussion I took in was the one on folklore with Richard MacKinnon and Clary Croft. It was so entertaining. Richard in a Cape Bretoner and he had a lot of funny stories about nicknames, especially the ones from the miners (Hairy Hole, ha!). I knew I had to pick his book up. I had read Croft's books so I was interested in hearing more on what he had to say. One funny thing was when they discussed nicknames online. That had me laughing because the group of us had just talked about our funny twitter handles and what would other people think of us!

The last discussion for me was the one on writing YA with the authors of The Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines (Jo Ann Yhard), Rattled (Lisa Harrington) and Pluto's Ghost (Sheree Fitch). They all read from their books and then did a quick discussion. I decided to buy Fossil Hunter because Colleen is completely gaga over it. I had Jo Ann sign it to me and later realized I should have had it signed for my daughter. I don't know where my brain was!

Then it was time to go. A five hour drive back home awaited us. But, for me anyway, it was worth it. It was fun booking out with the other book freaks. I just wished there was more!


  1. Amy mentioned a 4 hour drive, and you had to drive 5 hours? Wow, I think nobody can claim Canadian bloggers don't care about books!

    It sounds like you had a great time :)

  2. I just went to my first event last weekend in Florida and met up with 4 bloggers -- I had the best time! And you picked up some fabulous books, too! I can't wait for the next festival!

  3. So happy you got up the nerve to call me! It's was great to meet you. :0)

  4. Fun, fun, fun! I'm going to my first festival in October, and I can't wait!

  5. It is so much fun to meet other bookish people! I always fail to take pictures and regret it later.

  6. Its amazing what bloggers will do isn't it? Glad you got to meet so many bloggers. I met Amy at BEA and she is super sweet and I have added a few more bloggers to my roll now LOL

  7. Sure sounds like you guys had fun. I am jealous a bunch of book tweeps got to meet! How cool!

  8. I went to a book festival last weekend, too! Aren't they a blast? :)

  9. Book Fests are SO fun! Glad you got to go. I'm hoping I don't have to go alone to the Boston one but I'll go anyway since I know a few blog-buds will be there. :)

  10. what a fun time! I laughed when you wrote that you bought your daughter a few books to get acclimated ... a must after a 5-hour drive.

    Glad you enjoyed the festival and that you were able to meet up with some blogging buddies.


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