This Old Thing: Voice of the Violin

I had no idea what Voice of the Violin was about when I picked it up at the used book store. I only bought it because I loved the cover. That might be wrong to say but I'm saying it.

Apparently, it's an international bestseller and a mystery. It's from 2004 so it's not as old as some of my other featured Old Things. Still, I wanted to show off this fabulous orange and blue cover. I love orange and blue together.

Anyway this is the fourth of a mystery series, I'm hoping I won't be too confused when I read it. Inspector Salvo Montalbano finds a naked body and tries to figure out who killed her. Sounds like the right kind of book to have around when I feel like a mystery.


  1. I liked it! Not too heavy going, plenty of detail about food and slightly exotic setting, with a reasonably appealing policeman. I think it's the first of them I read, and I don't remember it being at all confusing.

    I find covers important when I'm choosing books, and I agree that this one is lovely.

  2. The covers all have that look. That was the first book I read in the series as well and was a wee bit confused, but more so by the Italian names than the plot.

    It's one of my favorite mystery series, I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Looks great Chris. Can't wait to hear what you think.

  4. There is nothing wrong with buying a book for its cover. Nothing at all (she says defensively).

  5. Cat- Oh good, I hadn't heard of the series before. I'm not a big mystery reader.

    Kathy- Thanks.

    Raider- I'm glad you liked it.

    Pink- Thanks.

    Jill- ahem, done that before, have you?

  6. I have at least four of this series and I love them! I think you'll enjoy them. Humorous, sumptuous, entertaining. A lovely slice of European flavour to them. :)

  7. That is definitely a fantastic cover! No judgment here. :)


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