Saturday Farmer's Market: September 4

Right now, I'm probably listening to the wind and the rain as a tropical storm hits the region. I say probably because I've scheduled this post just in case. But yesterday was hot and sunny! I advance of Earl, I picked some carrots from my garden for tonight's supper.

These carrots are a 'french style' so they're short and round. Really cute!

Last weekend, we travelled to the Highland Village, a living museum focusing on Scottish settlers. They had a few farm animals that you would find on a farm from the era.

Inquisitive Rooster
Highland Cow

We'll be coming into the harvest season soon, so I hope to find lots of goodies at the market. And then pumpkins! So much to look forward to in the fall.


  1. I love these posts. I've seen carrots like that. Cute! I hope Earl wimps out on you. Happy Labour Day:-).

  2. Mmmmm..those carrots look delicous! And OMG that is the cutest cow EVER!! He looks like he wants to be pet :)

  3. Kathy- And they were delicious too!

    Kristy- We survived Earl. A little tattered but still here.

    Chris- I know, they are adorable!

  4. Those are the cutest carrots I've ever seen in my life. Those carrots might be enough to actually make me like carrots!


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