Saturday Farmer's Market: September 25

If you are fortunate enough to know someone with a garden, you'll sometimes find yourself the recipient of unexpected gifts. They don't often take the form of say, a strawberry pie, but rather whatever happens to be a bumper crop, in this case zucchini. Often they are shoved into your arms, just as you are about to leave with the implicit instructions not to bring them back, "keep on walking." I'm kidding about that last one but my family has always treated zucchini that way and yet continue to grow it. Maybe they think this will be the year, they will eat as much as they grow. Never going to happen.

So just this week, my brother gave me a tour of his garden with the finale being a load of zucchini. Of course, I appreciate this fresh organic goodness. But I am clueless about serving it. Who do you turn to in times like these? Twitter!

I can't believe the replies I got to the question of what to do with zucchini:

@SchollGal: Lasagna and chocolate PB zuke bread! I'm jealous!!

@Wordlily There are tons linked at @TooFondofBooks' Weekend Cooking post from this past weekend Here's the direct link:

@CatsKnitFish Grate it, saute it with other veggies, toss with pasta and cheese.

@bowlieb zucchini bread or grill...mmmm...nom nom nom

@TooFondOfBooks Have sliced, blanched &frozen several; made zuke soup; even pickled them! (and got 10 more from CSA today!)

@AliceinParis Zuchini?

@JoAnnYhard I hear they make good bats.Or, hollow one out for a boat and you can fill it with other zucchini and float them out to sea.

People have opinions on zucchini! I decided to make Zucchini Spice Bread, the same recipe Dawn made last week, from Martha Stewart (it took longer to bake for me too). I added a half cup of pumpkin seeds to my version just because I had some, it seems fallish, and I like them. The result was a nice moist loaf with a gingerbread flavour. Yum! Trouble is I only used one zucchini.

Baked in my new Pumpkin Patch loaf pan
What would you do with zucchini?

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  1. The bread looks so good!

  2. I remember seeing you post on twitter and I first though what the hell is zucchini? After seeing that picture I realise that its also called courgette which I happen to use alot LOL

    I tend to use it in pasta dishes but the BBC has a lot of recipies for it here

    Im sure theres a muffin recipe using it somewhere on the web

  3. Oh, I LOVE zucchini, I think I couldn't survive without them. Zucchini lasagne, zucchini bread, zucchini and potato baked in the oven, the recipes for zucchini are endless.
    This bread looks gorgeous. One zucchini can go a long way, but this looks like a huge bread, so maybe one was not quite enough for it.

  4. Ha! That's funny. It *does* seem like zucchini is something that most people with gardens have more of than they know what to do with. When we started growing our garden, we considered growing some zucchini and then thought, why bother? It's guaranteed that some well-intentioned co-worker or fellow church member will appear, when the time is right, with a truck load of zucchini they're trying to unburden themselves of, so we'll use our garden space for some harder to come by veggie! LOL.

    And isn't Twitter just awesome for stuff like this? ;-)

  5. Oh yes, the whole "If you visit, you HAVE to take some zucchini home" rule has been a favorite of ours. LOL

    That bread looks wonderful!

  6. "Keep on walking" - that made me laugh out loud! What a bread pan - fascinating - would hate to cut into it.

  7. I love the pumpkin patch loaf pan! My family is the same way with zucchini.

  8. I know what you mean about the zucchini...maybe why I didn't plant any this year. the trick is to catch them when they are very small, before they turn into baseball bats.

    The cake looks delicious.

  9. Although I don't cook that much, I love to eat. My aunt uses zucchini in her pasta salad and I love it. The bread you made also looks delicatable. Yummy.

  10. Surprisingly, my zucchini was a total failure this year!! I grew them from seeds and they just wouldn't grow. Which shocked the hell out of me. We usually have tons! But this post cracked me up :p As we do with everything here in the south, zucchini is fantastic if you just slice it, batter it and fry it!! Yes, we will fry anything :p But oh I love zucchini bread!!

  11. I love zucchini and zucchini bread. What a neat pan!

  12. I love zucchini on the grill with olive oil, kosher salt and some freshly ground pepper. Oh, and some onions! But zucchini bread is fabulous too!!! I love your new pan!!! It's so cute!

  13. We love zucchini at our house also but it is one of those overwhelming veggies. I generally saute it in a stir fry, dice it up really tiny and hide it in homemade spaghetti sauce but the problem is each recipe generally, like your bread recipe, only call for one zucchini. Our foodbank recently started accepting produce and I donated our last harvest there! Love your pumpking pan.

  14. I let me toddler help me cut it in little rounds, then we put a generous amount of salt and pepper and Parmesan cheese on it and cook it on the stove. We call it "zucchini pizzas". He likes to "cook" with me.

  15. Iris- Thanks!

    Jessica- I had no idea it was called something else in other places.

    Rikki- I definitely need to put it in more things.

    Megan- It doesn't take many plants to get overrun with the stuff.

    Diann, JoAnn & Vicki- Thanks!

    Just Mom- The pan gives me an excuse to bake!

    Caite- I think that's why my brother gave me so many. They were just the right size.

    Miz Tipsy- I need to find more people willing to eat it.

    Chris- Hard to imagine it not growing! Maybe next year.

    Heather- It's almost too cold to bbq but I think zucchini is doable.

    Reader- The spaghetti sauce sounds interesting.

    Rebecca- Aw, that's cute!

  16. Sorry I didn't get here sooner; I've been out of town since Friday morning.

    I love these ideas -- and I love your pumpkin patch pan. I simply grate and freeze my surplus to use in baking and cooking over the winter. I've also dried sliced zukes in my dehydrator for use in soups and stews.

  17. YOur bread looks delish - I usually either roast mine in the oven or saute them and add a little cheese for goodness.


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