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So remember when I said I was going to review something from CSN Stores? Well, I'm finally doing it. First off, they gave me $60 in which to spend, just so you know, and I hemmed and hawed over what to get (cat bed? stripper shoes?). I mean, they got a lot of stuff and I am indecisive by nature. Finally, I realized that I could get something we really needed in my house: a dog pen.

Cute dog but not mine.

My poor doggy is elderly and has elderly issues. She can't really be let loose in the house anymore unsupervised. We've come up with some rather ridiculous homemade solutions so when I saw the pens I knew that's what I'd be ordering.

Ordering wasn't hard. Shipping was free but International fees (brokerage, customs, etc) apply and that was $31. Still, okay but then I got a message that there might be extra charges because my postal code is in a 'remote area.' Wha?!! We do not have deliveries made by singing plaid-flanneled voyageurs in canoes around here, just dudes in trucks. That got my Canadian "we don't live in the wilderness" sensibilities in an uproar. No matter. I had to wait to see how much that was going to cost (I would be contacted for approval) and I do not like waiting. In the end, there was no extra costs (whew!) and no one contacted me- they just shipped it 2 days later.

It got here in about 2 weeks which is good coming from the States. The pen is just how it was described on the website. It's sturdy and unfolds easily. My dog is not too impressed so far but we're happy. She has plenty of room to hang out and it's easy to get her in or out because of the door.

In the end, I'm happy with this transaction, despite the initial confusion over shipping. Like any online purchase, it's important that you do your homework, especially if you are buying from another country.

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  1. I used to have one of these for my dog when she was a puppy. I liked that it gave her more room than the typical crate did. Hopefully it's working out well for you.


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